Match Results

ASA Inter Region Boys 14 & u Division 2

Jacob Wass and Tom Costello represented North West Region B Team, 14 & under in the ASA Inter Region Division 2 competition held at the Liverpool Aquatic Centre last weekend (26-27 Jan). The boys were up against stiff opposition from Wales, Scotland, East England and Greater London.

On day one North West played Wales first and was narrowly beaten 8-7. In their second game North West had a better game and beat East of England 7-6. The next match was against London who dominated the tournament with the majority of the team part of the Great Britain set up. Tom Costello got his first goal for North West but London cruised to a 11-2 victory. In the final match of the day North West took on Scotland. In this game Jacob and Tom enjoyed more success with Jacob scoring two goals and Tom one goal. North West finished second on day 1 which meant they played in the final against London the following day.

The final was almost a repeat of the meeting the day before with London winning 10-3. Jacob and Tom can be proud of their performance particularly considering they started playing water polo 12-18 months ago. The full results can be seen below.








Warrington’s Connie Gregson takes part in the girls competition in two weeks time for North West Region A Team at Walsall.

Warrington 13&u team at the L&D tournament

Congratulations to our 13&u players who took part in the L&D Winter Mini Polo Tournament at Liverpool Aquatics on Saturday.  With 17 players it was difficult to give every body a game. We finished 6th out of ten teams. Hopefully we can put two teams in next year. Next year we intend to enter Manchester & District 12& under team aswell as 14s and 16s. Teams will be announced in the New Year. Well done to all the team for being great ambassadors for the club.

Bolton School 22 Warrington 3 (14&U)

Very proud of our players who played Bolton School last Sunday.  Our established players coming on really well: Tom Costello, Tom Pye, Jacob Wass, Megan Dorman.  I say established players I remember this game last year was just about Jacob Wass first game, all the previously mention have been playing 12-18 months. The new players Max Harrison (12) and Luke Atkinson (11) made some good saves in goal. Jack Yates (12) played superbly as did Dom Crowley, both have only just started playing water polo but really got stuck into Bolton School. Emily Bowater worked really hard chasing down some 14 year old Bolton School players without fear. Finally Stanley Mainwaring always trying to be involved in every attack. I really enjoyed the match although we were beaten 22-3. At our current rate of progress I believe will develop into a strong team over the next few years. 

Well done everybody.

Chris Byrne

Tyldesley 21 Warrington 5 B&D (14&u)

Warrington’s 14 & under team visited Tyldesley on Friday 9th November 2012. With three players committed at RTC it was always going to be a tough match for the remaining players. On a positive note it was chance to have a look at some more new players. Dom Crawley made his debut for Warrington and made quite an impression. The first quarter saw the older and faster Tyldesley hit Warrington on the break continuously giving Adam Farini in goal little chance to do anything about it. Tyldesley scored seven goals with Jacob Wass and Sam Cooper snatching a consolation goal each.

In the second quarter we changed things around Ben Daley went into goal releasing Adam Farini bolstering Warrington in attack and defence. Warrington conceded five goals and again Jacob Wass scored. The quarter ended 5-1 to Tyldesley.

Our core of older players worked really hard but with only four players with any experience of competitive games it was a steep learning curve for some of Warrington’s younger players. To her credit Emily Bowater on several occasions got free from her marker. In the third quarter more of the same with Tyldesley on the break at every opportunity. Stanley Mainwaring got some reward for all his hard work and Sam Cooper added a second.  As in the first quarter the score was 7-2 in the third.

In the final quarter although our eight players looked exhausted they battled to the end. Although we didn’t score we restricted Tyldesley to two goals. Our players showed real character throughout and although the final score was 21-5 the team finished on a high.

Jacob Wass was player of the match with some excellent covering back and scoring two excellent goals.

My thanks also to Jacob Wass for missing his RTC session to play this match for Warrington.

Warrington Team included Adam Farini (13), Ben Daley (12), Jacob Wass (14), Stanley Mainwaring (13), Dom Crawley (14), Emily Bowater (12), Abigail Collins (12), Sam Cooper (14).

Wallasey 4 Warrington 7 (L&D Senior)

Warrington’s senior team played Wallasey away at Guinea Gap pool another postage stamp size pool which Wallasey excel in. Warrington had only eight players, importantly with Peter Burke in goal vital to have a goal keeper of his calibre in such a small pool. James Williams scored first as Warrington attacked the deep end but the team and in particular Dave Price had a battle to contain the centre forward and stay in the pool. Danny Peek an excellent player from Wallasey scored twice to give Wallasey the lead at the end of the first quarter.

 In the second quarter it was close and tight with three minutes passing before Danny Peek scored again for Wallasey. Warrington kept calm with a powerful back hand shot coming from Tom Hadley. Dave Price still fighting a battle as pit defender was sent out but some excellent defending by the whole team kept Wallasey from adding further goals and promptly went on the attack and Tom Hadley scored his second goal of the game. The second quarter ended 3-3 all to play for!

It was important to start off well in the third quarter and keep the momentum going. Warrington did that with a goal from Tom Cart and took a 3-4 lead, but then had a battle in defence as Wallasey attacked the deep end. Warrington had three players excluded during this quarter but worked hard not to concede a goal. The whole team including James Collins and Josh Regan defended really well, consequently the quarter ended 3-4 to Warrington.

In the fourth quarter Warrington continued to attack and took the game by the scruff of the neck. Tom Hadley nearly broke the back of the net giving Warrington an important two goal cushion. Both teams then had a player each excluded although the power plays were not converted.  Wallasey’s John Hamilton then scored bringing the difference to one goal with two minutes to play. Warrington continued to attack and a goal from close range came from James Collins (15) I believe his first senior goal. Again a two goal gap surely the points are ours. James Collins made sure with his second senior goal on 7’ 57secs making it Wallasey 4 Warrington 7.

Man of the match was Dave Price for some excellent defence.

Warrington’s Team included Peter Burke (GK), James Williams (1), Tom Hadley (3), Ian Musgrove, Dave Price, Tom Cart (1), Josh Regan, and James Collins (2).

Warrington 5 Tyldesley 13 (14&u) M&D

On Saturday 27th October, Warrington 14 & under played Tyldesley at Great Sankey. It was a first competitive game for many younger players coming through including Jack Yates (12), Emily Bowater (12) and Abigail Collins (11).  With no recognised goal keeper available Connie Gregson volunteered to do two quarters in the deep end. Tyldesley scored three quick goals before Sam Cooper again showing he has an eye for goal scoring an excellent lob shot into the shallow end goal. Towards the end of the quarter a Tyldesley player was excluded but jumped back in before being flagged back in and a penalty was awarded on 6.59. All players were removed from the pool apart from Tom Costello who volunteered to take the penalty and the opposition goal keeper. Tom promptly scored from the penalty spot and the quarter finished 2-3.

In the second quarter we attacked the shallow end with Connie Gregson being released from goalkeeping duties she went into the centre forward position. Adam Farini covered in goal. Within a minute Tom Costello had his second goal as Warrington equalised to make it 3-3. Each team suffered exclusion fouls but neither team could convert the power play. Then two quick counter attacks by Tyldesley saw them take a two goal lead. Warrington had several chances and shots but the majority of the shots went straight to the goal keeper or harmlessly over the cross bar. The quarter finished 3-5 to Tyldesley.

The third quarter Warrington again needed to defend the deep end. It was clear the opposition would take us on the counter attack. Tyldesley soon had a player sent out but Warington failed to convert this advantage into a goal. Instead Tyldesley repeated their first quarter tactic breaking hard into the Warrington half and scoring three consecutive goals. Sam Cooper pulled one back but also conceded a penalty and an exclusion foul making it his third major foul and was wrapped up for the rest of the game, a big blow for Warrington. Tyldesley put three more goals in before the end of the quarter making the score 4-11.

The fourth quarter saw Connie Gregson play at centre forward and Adam Farini play an excellent game in the shallow end goal, with some excellent long passes to Warrington players on the break. Connie Gregson eventually got a goal a reward for her work at centre forward. Warrington were much improved in the last quarter conceding only two goals. The final score 5-13 to Tyldesley.

Weak areas that Warrington need to work on include swimming speed and endurance, man ups (power play). Warrington had five power plays and converted one in the fourth quarter.

All the younger players made a positive contribution to the team effort and will have learnt a great deal from this match. Player of the match was Tom Costello.

Warrington Team included Connie Gregson (1), Megan Dorman, Adam Farini, Stanley Mainwaring, Tom Costello (2), Sam Cooper (2), Jacob Wass, Emily Bowater, Jack Yates and Abigail Collins.

Royton 37 Warrington 11 (16&u) Manchester & District

Warringtons 16 & under team attended Roytons Victorian home pool which brought memories to me of when I played their as an U16 when one of the spectators hit me on the head with an umbrella when shall we say I impeded one of the Royton players. The pool which by modern standards is tiny can cause problems to visiting teams.

Warrington  attempted to defend the shallow end in the first quarter and were caught on the break on several occasions Royton seemed expert in finding the free player in a small area and many shots coming from the wing which was very close to the huge shallow end goal. Warrington had difficulty protecting the goal and conceded seven goals in the first quarter.

The second quarter saw much of the same with the Royton tactic being a simple one - win the ball in your own half and sprint to the oppositions 2 metre line pass across goal and score. Each time the more experienced core of 16 year old Royton players hit Warrington on the break. At the end of the second quarter the score was 15-2 with consolation goals from Stanley Mainwaring (13) and James Collins (15).  Royton’s major foul count stood at 5 compared to Warrington’s 1. 

In the third quarter Josh Regan (16) scored with an excellent shot from 5 metres. Further goals from the utterly committed Harry Pollock (15) and exceptional Sam Cooper (14) started to claw their way back into the game although were still hit on the break by the fast Royton swimmers. The quarter ended 9-4 to Royton. Royton had two more player’s excluded during this quarter  but Warrington failed to form into a 3-3 power play formation and hence rarely took advantage of the situation.

The fourth and final quarter saw the eight Warrington players start to tire but that didn’t stop Sam Cooper scoring two more excellent goals often using the difficult lob shot which he appears expert at already. Further goals came from James Collins, Josh Regan and Adam Farini (13). Adam Farini showing he has an excellent powerful shot scoring from outside 5 metres. Royton continued their counter attacks against a tired Warrington team who to their credit kept working until the end.

The final score was 37 – 11 or converted to a score in a normal size pool 3.7 – 1.1. The Royton spectators commented on the commitment of the Warrington players and the Manchester coach was interested in our man of the match Sam Cooper scoring four goals of high quality. Warrington won the majors count giving away only one major to Roytons 12. We need to convert the power plays in  future games!

Warrington’s team of 8 players consisting of only one 16 year old and three 15 year olds the rest being our 14 & under team and whom have taken up water polo in the last 12-18months. We are currently where Royton were 3-4 years ago when Warrington went with six players and comfortably beat Royton.

Warringtons team will develop of the coming years with an excellent core of 13/14 year olds coming through matches like this make us realise water polo is a game for fast swimmers even in small pools.

Warrington 6 Liverpool 8 (Snr)

Nine senior players took on a twelve strong Liverpool side with two Warrington goal keepers abroad on business Ian Musgrove played three quarters at No 1 and Lee Chadwick played the final quarter. Warrrington lost the toss and Liverpool elected to defend the deep. The game started well with a goal from Tom Hadley after 2 minutes. Liverpool took their chances attacking the shallow and replied with two goals before Addison Brown hit back. Towards the end of the quarter Liverpool snatched another but at 2-3 the game was finely balanced.

Liverpool attacking the deep a physically strong and large team was a handful to mark in the deep end particularly at centre forward position and scored some great goals in a powerful demonstration of shooting. Ian Musgrove played exceptionally well in goal but could not stop two goals in two minutes from Liverpool. James Williams (17) was turned by a Liverpool player about twice his age and size, and was sent out when he tried to tackle from behind. Liverpool added a further goal during the power play. Warrington gave away two further major fouls but managed to defend the man downs and Addison Brown added a goal near the end of the second quarter. With the score at 3-6 it was going to be up hill from that point.

Warrington dug deep in the third quarter Addison Brown scoring quickly with his third goal of the game and then Liverpool had a player excluded at last a major given against Liverpool! Warrington took advantage and scored within twelve seconds. That took the score to 5-6. Liverpool was certainly not going to give up and struck back with another goal. Two further major fouls were given by the referee one against each team but neither chance’s were converted and the third quarter ended 5-7.

The final quarter saw Warrington attack the shallow with hopefully lessons learnt from the second quarter when we last attacked the shallow and lost the quarter 3-1. Within the first three minutes Liverpool had two players excluded the first exclusion was not converted however the second was with a goal by Tom Hadley. That took the score to 6-7 with plenty of time left in the quarter. It was still an uphill battle attacking the shallow and defending the deep. The game stayed at stalemate until after 5.31 a Liverpool player sprinted across the 2 metre line and received a pass from 5 metres and slotted the ball into the corner. With the score at 6-8 Liverpool parked the bus across the shallow end goal and no further goals were scored.

The nine players of Warrington had given the probable league winners a close game and this was an excellent game to watch. Addison Brown was man of the match having scored four goals and Ian Musgrove performance in goal was also worthy of mention.

My thanks to Paul Hadley and Tracey Williams who at short notice officiated on the table for us and did a great job, thank you.

Warrington have two more games left this season with Wallasey away on Monday 29th October and a final game at Southport on 12th November.

Warrington Team: Ian Musgrove, Tom Hadley (2), James Williams, Addison Brown (4), Dave Price, Tom Cart, Martin Bosson, Josh Regan, Lee Chadwick.

Warrington 15 Southport 9

On Wednesday 3rd October Warrington seniors played Southport in the Liverpool & District League at Great Sankey. Southport were returning to the league after being absent for several years with a mixture of experience and younger players coming through. Warrington had a full squad of thirteen players and after winning the toss elected to defend the deep.  The start of the first quarter  saw Warrington struggle to contain Southport’s Centre Forward and the referee seemed generous with his exclusions. Consequently Southport soon took a 2-0 lead. Tom Cart stopped the rot scoring into the shallow end but almost immediately Dave Price was excluded and within 2 seconds Southport had scored a third. The quarter ended 3-1 to Southport and much to talk about in the break.

The second quarter was much improved Warrington playing with a defender just in front of their centre forward restricted Southport to one goal but this was Warrington’s quarter taking Southport on the counter attack and goals coming from Dave Price (2), James Williams, Tom Hadley, Addison Brown, Peter Burke, and Martin Bosson. Warrington won the quarter 7-1 and lead 8-4 overall.

At the start of the third quarter Warrington were looking to remain in control of the game and started off well with a goal from Addison Brown. The referee continued to exclude players with total of 5 exclusions, 3 for Warrington and 2 for Southport and Dave Price collecting his 3rd exclusion foul was wrapped up and off for an early shower!

Warrington however continued to increase their goal tally with goals from Rafik Tahraoui, James Williams and Tom Hadley. The third quarter finished 12-6 to Warrington.

In the fourth quarter Tom Hadley scored his third goal of the match to make it 13-6 then for four minutes no goals and no exclusions, with Warrington had plenty of chances but little to show for it. With 4 minutes 38 seconds on the clock Addison Brown scored his third goal of the match making it 14-6. Southport rallied slightly at the end with three goals in a minute but Warrington struck back with a goal from Lee Chadwick, the game finished 15- 9 to Warrington.

Man of the Match Tom Hadley

Warrington Team included:-

Neil Mugrove (GK), Lee Chadwick (1), Dave Price (2), Martin Bosson (1),  Jame Williams (2),

Rafik Tahraoui (1), Tom Hadley (3), Tom Cart (1), Ian Musgrove, James Collins, Peter Burke (1),

Addison Brown (3) and Josh Regan.

Warrington 8 Royton 16 (14 & u)

Our 14 & unders took on Royton in the Manchester and District League with ten players four of whom had no previous experience of a water polo match. Luke Atkinson 11 years made his debut in the shallow end goal and played two fantastic quarters, Ben Daley(12), Jack Yates(12) and Max Tyson (12) were all playing in their first competitive game.

The first quarter was a wakeup call attacking the shallow, never easy and Warrington caught on the break by Royton. The quarter finished 8-1 to Royton it looked like it could be a long evening. The second half saw Luke Atkinson (11) play in goal releasing Tom Pye into the outfield. Warrington was transformed in the second quarter with two goals from Connie Gregson and a goal each for Tom Pye and Adam Farini and conceded only one goal. At 5-9 the game was finely balanced. The third quarter Warrington had learnt their lessons from the first quarter although still difficult to score into the shallow end but only three goals conceded. The third quarter ended 5-12. The final quarter saw us using our substitutes who were having their first taste of water polo in a live match environment. Our established players were starting to look tired against a Royton who took six players out to replace with six fresh players. The quarter was evenly matched with Warrington scoring three goals, two from Connie Gregson who dominated in the centre forward position and Adam Farini with a powerful shot from 5 metres into the corner of the net. Royton scored four goals in the final quarter and won the match 16-8.

The team included Luke Atkinson, Stanley Mainwaring, Sam Cooper, Tom Costello, Constance Gregson, Tom Pye, Ben Daley, Jack Yates, Adam Farini and Max Tyson

Bridgefield 8 Warrington 9

The senior team continued the Liverpool and District season when they visited Austin Rawlinson Pool in Speke to play Bridgefield. In our home match earlier in the season Bridgefield were 7-4 winners and will expect to finish 1st or 2nd in the league this year. The game started off well with goals from Ian Musgrove and Tom Hadley.  However Bridgefield came back into the game with two goals and just to keep the game interesting Warrington missed a penalty. Warrington’s goalkeeper Neil Musgrove played exceptionally well from the first quarter to the third when Peter Burke went in goal for the final quarter.  

In the second quarter we expected Bridgefield to hit us hard on the counter attack into the deep end. However Warrington took control of the game, carefully setting up the arc and goals coming from Bryn Edwards (2) and Tom Hadley (1). The opposition were not going to settle for second place with two goals. The quarter ended with a slender lead to Warrington 4-5.

The third quarter saw Warrington attack the deep, Bridgefield had two players excluded during the quarter but Warrington failed to execute the power play. However Tom Hadley scored two goals with Bridgefield starting to look a little tired could only reply with one goal giving Warrington a two goal lead (5-7). James Collins (15years) playing in one of his first senior matches was faultless in defence and supported every attack. The goals will be coming soon James!

The fourth quarter we had a change with Peter Burke going into goal and Neil Musgrove playing out. Within 23 seconds Bridgefield snatched a quick goal and at 6-7 were we about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. James Williams settled the nerves with a goal and we had our two goal cushion again. Surely victory was in sight. Four minutes into the quarter Neil Musgrove needed a blow, but Lee Chadwick was so keen to get in that he entered the water using the ‘bomb’ technique before Neil could get to the side. Lee in accordance with the rules was excluded for the rest of the game and a penalty was awarded to Bridgefield which they converted making the score 7-8.

At that point I had to enter the fray which was not part of the script for the evening.  Warrington conceded another exclusion which was defended before Bryn Edwards scored with 2 minutes to go, again a 2 goal difference. On 5’20 Tom Hadley was about to take the free throw before he could do this an opposition player knocked the ball from his arm and promptly went through to score. Players are not normally allowed to interfere with a free throw but we still had a one goal lead.  On 6’ 48 the referee excluded another Warrington player again the team rallied to defend the power play. Eventually the final whistle and the final score 8-9 to Warrington.

Although the team was full of young players, Bridgefield were heard to comment later on the excellent juniors coming through at Warrington. However man of the match went to Neil Musgrove for his display in goals in the first three quarters.

Scorers Tom Hadley 4, Bryn Edwards 3, Ian Musgrove 1, James Williams 1.

Warrington 4 Bridgefield 7

On Wednesday 11th July Bridgefield who are hot favourites to win the L&D league this season visited Sankey Forum, in a match not for the faint hearted. Warrington without Bryn Edwards, Geoff Dover and Tom Hadley (away in Hungray), were bolstered by new arrivals Martin Bosson and Addison Brown. The first quarter saw Warrington defend the deep end and started well with Adam Marsland scoring first. Warrington held the lead for only 30 seconds before Bridgefield equalised. Warrington with a new mix of players were taking time to start playing as a team and Bridgefield exploited this and some light weight marking with three quick goals. It was also clear the referee was prepared to let a lot go and only gave two majors throughout the match both given against the youngest player in the pool James Williams.

The second quarter was really tight with Addison Brown scoring his first goal for Warrington and Bridgefield once again equalising. Warrington tested the Bridgefield goalkeeper repeatedly but with little to show for it. The quarter ended 2-5.

The third quarter was crucial the difficult job of defending the deep and attacking the shallow end which usually results in defeat for most teams. Ian Musgrove set the quarter up with an excellent goal bringing the score to 3-5. Warrington continued to hold the line with some great goal keeping from Peter Burke and determined defence from the rest of the team. Warrington could be proud of one of the best quarters of the season.

Bridgefield were on the back foot as Warrington attacked the deep only two goals down. Almost two minutes passed without score before a big kick against a Warrington player (missed by the referee) saw a Bridgefield player break free and score against the run of play. It really looked like we had a mountain to climb. A disputed penalty saw Bridgefield take a 3-7 lead but Warrington didn’t give up and Martin Bosson eventually getting some reward for his hard work in the pit skilfully making some room to score from 3 metres out.

In summary with the exception of the first quarter when Warrington needed to settle in the new players against an organised Bridgefield the last three quarters were 3-3. Although disappointing to lose the match Warrington made Bridgefield work hard for their victory with a full team I would expect a closer match in future. Scorers were Adam Marsland 1, Addison Brown 1, Ian Musgrove 1, Martin Bosson 1. The team also included Peter Burke, Neil Musgrove, James Williams, Lee Chadwick. Phil Smith, and Tom Cart.

The season continues in September.

Chris Byrne Water Polo Head Coach

Bridgefield Blues 16 - Warrington 9

The senior team played their second game of the season against last years runner up in the Liverpool & District League, Bridgefield Blues who are the best team of the two Bridgefield teams and currently play in Divisdion 3 of the National League. We had many players away on holiday but had a strong first 7 with two young substitutes Rory Gregson (16) and Josh Regan (15).

Warrington started well with three excellent goals including a Tom Hadley back hander from the pit position which left the keeper with no chance the execution being world class. Bridgefield got two goals back but Warrington were certainly the better team in the first quarter.

The second quarter saw some sloppy passing by Warrington and an organised well drilled Bridgefield took advantage and their strength in depth started to tell. At the end of the second quarter Warrington trailed 7-5.

The third quarter saw Warrington go further behind despite Neil Musgrove saving a penalty at the end of the quarter Warrington trailed 12-6. In the final quarter Warrington rallied with two goals from Andy McGinty and a third goal from James Williams but ended loosing the match 16-9.

In the after match debrief it was agreed that the lack of depth in our team and a lack of match fitness compared to Bridgefield who had just arrived back from a training camp were the big difference between the teams. Scorers were James Williams 3, Andy McGinty 3, Bryn Edwards 1, Tom Hadley 1, Tom Cart 1.

Liverpool & District Water Polo Tournament

On Sunday 17th June 2012 Warrington took part in the Liverpool & District Water Polo Tournament at Europa Pool in Birkenhead. Two age groups played in separate competitions, 16 & under, and 18 & under.


  • Tim Mainwaring 14(GK)
  • Josh Regan 16
  • Harry Pollock 15
  • Tom Costello 14
  • Tom Pye 14
  • Jacob Wass 14
  • Constance Gregson 14
  • Megan Dorman 14
  • Stanley Mainwaring 13


  • Tim Mainwaring 14 (GK)
  • Bryn Edwards 18
  • Rory Gregson 17
  • Alex Dorman 17
  • Josh Regan 16
  • Harry Pollock 15
  • Jacob Wass 14

James Collins had been selected but jarred his fingers in training the night before and had to with draw.

Chester 5 – Warrington 2 (16&u)
Our first game was against Chester who were a large physical team. We started the game just not marking closely enough and gave Chester some easy goals. The first half finished with Chester leading 4 -0. The second half saw Warrington tighten up in defence and went on the attack with two excellent goals from Connie Gregson from the centre forward position. Despite a much improved half which Warrington won 2 – 1, Chester won overall. Tim Mainwaring was excellent in goal a theme throughout the tournament.

Warrington 6 Chester 1 (18&U)
The next game was an 18 & under game with Warrington missing James Williams and Tom Hadley who were attending North West regional training in Manchester the day the team was announced. (Report to follow). The first game was against Chester. With Tim Mainwaring, Josh Regan, Harry Pollock and Jacob Wass playing above their age group I had some concern as to how they would cope. My fears were soon allayed with our the younger players giving nothing away in defence and supporting the attack they played with great skill and confidence against players in some case four years older than them. Bryn Edwards lead the attack and Rory Gregson organised the defence. At the end of the first half Warrington led 3-1. The second half saw more of the same with Warrington ruthless in attack and Tim Mainwaring (GK) ensuring the opposition had nothing to show for their efforts. Warrington winning 6-1. Scorers were Bryn Edwards 4, Rory Gregson 1, Jacob Wass 1.

Warrington 2 – Southport 3 (16&u)
Our next game was against Southport. The first half was tight with Warrington hitting the woodwork numerous times. (No Tom Pye its not a good shot if it hits the woodwork!!). The first half finished 2 goals all, with both our goals scored by Connie Gregson who made it look easy. The second half was even tighter with Southport scoring a crucial goal and Warrington running out of time to get anything out of the game.

Warrington 6 – Southport 2 (18&u)
In the next match it was the turn of our 18 & under team. Southport had three big players No.10, No.11 and No12 and Bryn, Rory and Alex had instructions to ensure they marked these dangerous players. This caused Bryn to be committed in defence more than we would have liked and at the end of the first half Southport lead 2-1. Warrington had numerous chances but again the woodwork took a hammering. The half time team talk saw a slight reorganisation and the realisation we were making their goalkeeper look better than he was by hitting the woodwork. The second half saw a complete change, with Warrington looking totally dominant winning the half 5-0 Alex Dorman had an excellent game with two excellent goals. Josh Regan and Harry Pollock played without fault and once again Jacob Wass got his name on the score sheet. Tim Mainwaring continued to play to an excellent standard in goal.

Scorers were Bryn Edwards 2, Alex Dorman 2, Rory Gregson 1, Jacob Wass 1.

With Birkenhead dropping out that made Warrington the overall winners of the 18 & under competition. A superb effort and our first trophy of the season.

Warrington 1 – Birkenhead 2 (16&u)
We still had one game to play in the 16 & under competition. This was again a tight game with Megan Dorman playing her part in defence. On a few occasions Warrington were caught on the break with some tired players having just finished the 18 & under match we quickly had to change the team around. Stanley Mainwaring showed his great potential with some excellent play in attack and defence, but Birkenhead were too strong for us and ended 2-1 winners.

The 16 & under competition was won by Chester who were by far the stronger team. It may have been very different if James Collins had been available but on a positive note most of our players can play another two years in this age group and hopefully next year we will come back with two trophies.

At the presentation all the players received a medal and the team photo shows some happy faces. I’m very proud of all the players who gave 100% in every game. Well done to everybody.

Manchester Icebergs 10 Warrington 6 (14&u)

Our 14 & under side played their first competitive game of the season at the Wright Robinson College Pool in Gorton, East Manchester. With several players missing we managed to get 6 players to the pool and borrowed three players from Icebergs. Warrington played really well and I would estimate the best seven players in the pool included 6 from Warrington. Icebergs had an excellent centre forward who scored three quick goals in the first quarter with a player from Icebergs in our goal. Jacob Wass was given the job of marking this player who barely had a chance for the rest of the game. Sam Cooper received the ball just inside the oppositions half and swim fast towards goal taking on and beating the defender and opting for his favourite lob shot which he executes so well. Tom Pye and Stanley Mainwaring linked up well with some clever passing moves resulting in some excellent goals.

Although we lost the game two things became clear:-

1. We need more matches because everbody including the players, parents and the coach really enjoyed the game and so much can be learnt by the players just by playing games.

2. We have some really good players developing all of whom have played water polo for 12months or less the future looks bright for junior water polo at Warrington. The RTC coach was present and wants to visit our sessions to look for more up and coming talent.

The team include Tom Costello, Sam Cooper, Adam Farini, Stanley Mainwaring, Tom Pye, and Jacob Wass.

Warrington 8 Birkenhead 8

Birkenhead came to Great Sankey with 9 experienced players and took an early lead in the first quarter (1-3). The second quarter saw a fight back by Warrington who pulled the score back to 5-4, with goals from Tom Hadley, Geoff Dover, Ian Musgrove and Bryn Edwards. The third quarter saw Birkenhead come back into the game winning the quarter 2-3. With the score 7-7 going into the last quarter the game was finely balanced. Birkenhead scored first in the final quarter but Bryn Edwards rescued a point near the end of the game with a timely equaliser. Victories over Birkenhead a former top Division 1 National League team are rare over the past 50 years so a draw is considered a good result for Warrington.