Warrington 5 Tyldesley 13 (14&u) M&D

On Saturday 27th October, Warrington 14 & under played Tyldesley at Great Sankey. It was a first competitive game for many younger players coming through including Jack Yates (12), Emily Bowater (12) and Abigail Collins (11).  With no recognised goal keeper available Connie Gregson volunteered to do two quarters in the deep end. Tyldesley scored three quick goals before Sam Cooper again showing he has an eye for goal scoring an excellent lob shot into the shallow end goal. Towards the end of the quarter a Tyldesley player was excluded but jumped back in before being flagged back in and a penalty was awarded on 6.59. All players were removed from the pool apart from Tom Costello who volunteered to take the penalty and the opposition goal keeper. Tom promptly scored from the penalty spot and the quarter finished 2-3.

In the second quarter we attacked the shallow end with Connie Gregson being released from goalkeeping duties she went into the centre forward position. Adam Farini covered in goal. Within a minute Tom Costello had his second goal as Warrington equalised to make it 3-3. Each team suffered exclusion fouls but neither team could convert the power play. Then two quick counter attacks by Tyldesley saw them take a two goal lead. Warrington had several chances and shots but the majority of the shots went straight to the goal keeper or harmlessly over the cross bar. The quarter finished 3-5 to Tyldesley.

The third quarter Warrington again needed to defend the deep end. It was clear the opposition would take us on the counter attack. Tyldesley soon had a player sent out but Warington failed to convert this advantage into a goal. Instead Tyldesley repeated their first quarter tactic breaking hard into the Warrington half and scoring three consecutive goals. Sam Cooper pulled one back but also conceded a penalty and an exclusion foul making it his third major foul and was wrapped up for the rest of the game, a big blow for Warrington. Tyldesley put three more goals in before the end of the quarter making the score 4-11.

The fourth quarter saw Connie Gregson play at centre forward and Adam Farini play an excellent game in the shallow end goal, with some excellent long passes to Warrington players on the break. Connie Gregson eventually got a goal a reward for her work at centre forward. Warrington were much improved in the last quarter conceding only two goals. The final score 5-13 to Tyldesley.

Weak areas that Warrington need to work on include swimming speed and endurance, man ups (power play). Warrington had five power plays and converted one in the fourth quarter.

All the younger players made a positive contribution to the team effort and will have learnt a great deal from this match. Player of the match was Tom Costello.

Warrington Team included Connie Gregson (1), Megan Dorman, Adam Farini, Stanley Mainwaring, Tom Costello (2), Sam Cooper (2), Jacob Wass, Emily Bowater, Jack Yates and Abigail Collins.