Water Polo Fixtures and Results

Click here to view the club calendar for all the latest Warrington water polo fixtures.

Click the links below to see the latest league tables and results received from the relevant league secretary.

Senior 2019 B&D League Table September

Senior 2019 L&D League Table May

Senior 2019 Antwerp Results

14&u 2019 M&D League October

12&u 2019 B&D Mini Polo League July

12&u 2019 B&D Mini Polo Knockout June

12&u 2019 Cheshire Tournament

Bridgefield Development Tournament 2019 12U

City of Manchester Winter Festival Results 2019 12U

City of Manchester Winter Festival Results 2019 14U

Seniors 2018 Cheshire Tournament

Seniors 2018 L&D League

Seniors 2018 B&D League

Seniors 2018 L&D Tournament

Seniors and Juniors Antwerp 2018

Senior Women 2018 L&D Tournament

14&u 2018 Cheshire Tournament

14&u 2018 M&D League

14&u 2018 City of Manchester Tournament

12&u 2018 L&D Tournament

12&u 2018 M&D Tournament

12&u 2018 Cheshire Tournament

12&u 2018 Lancaster Tournament

Seniors 2017 B&D

Seniors 2017 L&D Tournament

16&u L&D 2017 Tournament

16&u 2017 Northern League

16&u 2017 M&D

16&u 2017 B&D

14&u 2017 M&D

12&u 2017 B&D

12&u 2017 Cheshire Festival

12&u 2017 Lancaster Development Tournament

Seniors 2015 L&D 

16&u 2015 M&D

14&u 2015 M&D

12&u 2016 B&D

14&u 2016 L&D and Cheshire Tournament

14&u 2016 M&D

16&u 2016 B&D

16&u 2016 M&D

16&u 2016 L&D and Cheshire Tournament

Senior 2016 Cheshire Tournament

Senior 2016 B&D

Senior 2016 L&D Final

Senior 2016 L&D Grade 1 Tournament

Women Northern League 2016

Women L&D Tournament 2017