Officers and Committee Members

Chair Mr N. Musgrove

Vice Chair Mrs M. Appleby

Secretary Mrs M. Appleby

Treasurer Mrs S. Morris

Chief Swimming Coach Mr K . Connolly

Chief Swimming Teacher Mrs C. Whiteley

Chief Water Polo Coach Mr N. Musgrove

Media and Publicity Mr C. Stowell

General Committee Elected Members

Website & Email Mr I. Musgrove

Water Polo Secretary Mr I. Musgrove

Elected Member Mrs A. White

Elected Member Mr C. Stowell

Elected Member Mrs C Whiteley

Elected Member Mrs C. Taylor

Co-Opted Member Dr. Alan Boyle MBE

Committee Appointments

Membership Secretary Mrs A.White

Welfare Officer Mrs N. Ireland

SwimMark Co-ordinator Mr N. Musgrove

Workforce Co-ordinator Mr Ross Baird

Water Polo Events Mr C Stowell