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Warrington Swimming and Water Polo Club Fees 2019


Our new online Membership system has been updated and has been renamed LoveAdmin. All new members must register on this system in order to attend sessions and pay club fees by Direct Debit. If you need any help then please contact the Membership Secretary.  

Direct Debits for Swimmers/ Players

To attend sessions more than once per week that suit age and ability,

to include membership, Swim England, Region and County fees.                     £33 per month

For swim beginners and water polo attending a single session per week

to include membership, Swim England, Region and County fees                       £18 per month

The fees now include Swim England Category 2 Competitor fees (£26.75) for all

members over 9 years of age who wish to compete


Parents/ Guardians/ Associates

One off payment by Direct Debit also covers Swim England,Region and

County fees               £12.50

Swimmers/Players (If not paying monthly)

Includes Region and County fees. (In addition, Swim England fees of £26.75 Cat 2 or

£9.20 Cat 1 and £5 per session to be paid and collected by Direct Debit)                  £20.00


This year all members who undertake volunteer activities for the club on

at least two occasions every month will be entitled to a £12.50 reduction in

their one-off membership fee.

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All members must abide by the clubs code of conduct. If you wish to see the current code then please click below 

Code of Conduct