Liverpool & District Water Polo Tournament

On Sunday 17th June 2012 Warrington took part in the Liverpool & District Water Polo Tournament at Europa Pool in Birkenhead. Two age groups played in separate competitions, 16 & under, and 18 & under.


  • Tim Mainwaring 14(GK)
  • Josh Regan 16
  • Harry Pollock 15
  • Tom Costello 14
  • Tom Pye 14
  • Jacob Wass 14
  • Constance Gregson 14
  • Megan Dorman 14
  • Stanley Mainwaring 13


  • Tim Mainwaring 14 (GK)
  • Bryn Edwards 18
  • Rory Gregson 17
  • Alex Dorman 17
  • Josh Regan 16
  • Harry Pollock 15
  • Jacob Wass 14

James Collins had been selected but jarred his fingers in training the night before and had to with draw.

Chester 5 – Warrington 2 (16&u)
Our first game was against Chester who were a large physical team. We started the game just not marking closely enough and gave Chester some easy goals. The first half finished with Chester leading 4 -0. The second half saw Warrington tighten up in defence and went on the attack with two excellent goals from Connie Gregson from the centre forward position. Despite a much improved half which Warrington won 2 – 1, Chester won overall. Tim Mainwaring was excellent in goal a theme throughout the tournament.

Warrington 6 Chester 1 (18&U)
The next game was an 18 & under game with Warrington missing James Williams and Tom Hadley who were attending North West regional training in Manchester the day the team was announced. (Report to follow). The first game was against Chester. With Tim Mainwaring, Josh Regan, Harry Pollock and Jacob Wass playing above their age group I had some concern as to how they would cope. My fears were soon allayed with our the younger players giving nothing away in defence and supporting the attack they played with great skill and confidence against players in some case four years older than them. Bryn Edwards lead the attack and Rory Gregson organised the defence. At the end of the first half Warrington led 3-1. The second half saw more of the same with Warrington ruthless in attack and Tim Mainwaring (GK) ensuring the opposition had nothing to show for their efforts. Warrington winning 6-1. Scorers were Bryn Edwards 4, Rory Gregson 1, Jacob Wass 1.

Warrington 2 – Southport 3 (16&u)
Our next game was against Southport. The first half was tight with Warrington hitting the woodwork numerous times. (No Tom Pye its not a good shot if it hits the woodwork!!). The first half finished 2 goals all, with both our goals scored by Connie Gregson who made it look easy. The second half was even tighter with Southport scoring a crucial goal and Warrington running out of time to get anything out of the game.

Warrington 6 – Southport 2 (18&u)
In the next match it was the turn of our 18 & under team. Southport had three big players No.10, No.11 and No12 and Bryn, Rory and Alex had instructions to ensure they marked these dangerous players. This caused Bryn to be committed in defence more than we would have liked and at the end of the first half Southport lead 2-1. Warrington had numerous chances but again the woodwork took a hammering. The half time team talk saw a slight reorganisation and the realisation we were making their goalkeeper look better than he was by hitting the woodwork. The second half saw a complete change, with Warrington looking totally dominant winning the half 5-0 Alex Dorman had an excellent game with two excellent goals. Josh Regan and Harry Pollock played without fault and once again Jacob Wass got his name on the score sheet. Tim Mainwaring continued to play to an excellent standard in goal.

Scorers were Bryn Edwards 2, Alex Dorman 2, Rory Gregson 1, Jacob Wass 1.

With Birkenhead dropping out that made Warrington the overall winners of the 18 & under competition. A superb effort and our first trophy of the season.

Warrington 1 – Birkenhead 2 (16&u)
We still had one game to play in the 16 & under competition. This was again a tight game with Megan Dorman playing her part in defence. On a few occasions Warrington were caught on the break with some tired players having just finished the 18 & under match we quickly had to change the team around. Stanley Mainwaring showed his great potential with some excellent play in attack and defence, but Birkenhead were too strong for us and ended 2-1 winners.

The 16 & under competition was won by Chester who were by far the stronger team. It may have been very different if James Collins had been available but on a positive note most of our players can play another two years in this age group and hopefully next year we will come back with two trophies.

At the presentation all the players received a medal and the team photo shows some happy faces. I’m very proud of all the players who gave 100% in every game. Well done to everybody.