12&u M&D Tournament at Speke

Tournament report

12&U M&D tournament at Austin Rawlinson Leisure Centre, Speke, Liverpool 7th May 2017
Warrington 12&U travelled to Speke, Liverpool on Sunday to take part in the above tournament. With 7 teams involved, and fielding a 7 strong team comprising James, Tilly, Lilly, Christopher, Finton, Sam & James with coaches Craig and Emily, it was a full afternoon of Water Polo!
Match 1 – ORCA v Warrington
A missed chance from Warrington in the first minute was quickly rectified, and a flurry of goals in the first half together with a fantastic save by Finton gave Warrington a 4-1 lead at Half Time.
The second half saw Warrington continue as they began, with more shots going in and more great defensive work with the full-time score of 7 – 3 to Warrington.
A great boost for the team as they prepared for the rest of the matches.
Match 2 – Warrington v Chester
Warrington started strongly and within the first three minutes were 2 – 0 ahead. Chester then had a few quick breaks to level the score and a good late save from Finton in the final seconds of the first half had the score at 2 – 2 with all to play for.
Chester started the second half brighter and a succession of quick breaks had the score at 4 – 2 to Chester. Warrington defended well and had a shot over the goal (!) however Chester just outplayed us with final score being 5 – 3 Chester.
An entertaining match from two evenly matched teams.
Match 3 Tyldesley v Warrington
Warrington were against a team in great form and despite an excellent save from Warrington, Tyldesley were 4-0 ahead at the end of first half.
Warrington came out fighting in the second half and despite a late goal from Warrington and some good saves, Tyldesley extended their lead with final score 10 – 1 to Tyldesley.
The score didn’t reflect the hard work and perseverance Warrington put in against formidable opposition.
Match 4 Liverpool v Warrington
Warrington came out determined and some excellent marking and attacking play was seen during the first half. Liverpool managed to convert their breaks to goals and following a penalty towards the end of the first half, the score at half time was 3 – 0 to Liverpool.
The start of the second half saw Liverpool take a quick goal, however more excellent defending, challenging and perseverance led to Warrington scoring a well-deserved goal. Warrington continued to work hard and defend well however Liverpool were able to maximise better the chances they had with the final score being 8 – 1 to Liverpool.
The 3rd & 4th place playoff saw Chester v Bridgefield with Chester winning 5-1.
The 1st & 2nd place playoff saw Radcliffe v Tyldesley with Tyldesley winning 3-0.
Final places therefore were 1st Tyldesley, 2nd Radcliffe, 3rd Chester, 4th Bridgefield, 5th Liverpool, 6th Warrington Swpc and 7th ORCA.
Warrington showed a great team spirit and played some excellent Water Polo against some formidable opposition, and should be very proud of their performance, with special mention to James Boyle who was named Warrington’s MVP!
Finally, special thanks go to Craig Stowell and Emily Ireland who once again worked hard with the team to ensure they were fully prepared, played their best and most importantly enjoyed the experience. Thanks Craig & Emily!