Womens Team - Northern League 25th June 2016

Warrington Women’s team put in good performance in the Northern League

The team played the three remaining games to complete this tournament. Performances have improved game on game. In the first game against Sheffield, whilst we lost 8-2, we played well in defence, and it was the attack that needed to improve.

The second game was against Leeds with the best performance of the whole tournament for our team, with excellent defensive work from Abby, Katie and Emily Bowater stealing the ball in front of goal, Tania making some excellent saves, and a much improved attack with Emma helping to spread the play and allow others to have room to score. Two goals from Emily Bowater, a great goal for one of our youngest players Emily Ireland who slotted in from close range and a further goal from Hazel Musgrove kept us in front with 90 seconds to go and with a 3-4 lead. However, with two exclusions Leeds converted from the man up to narrowly win by one goal 5-4.

The final game was against Liverpool, the eventual winners, and whilst we lost, everyone played well Tania made two excellent saves from close range. Eleanor Brear worked really hard tracking back to help in defence, Emily Ireland scored again, and Emily Atkinson, the latest recruit was rewarded with a fine goal. All round a great team performance. Final score 13-4


Tania Wild GK; Abby Donnall Jones; Emma Horne; Emily Bowater(3);Katie Bowater; Eleanor Brear; Emily Ireland(2); Hazel Musgrove (4); Emily Atkinson(1).


Neil Musgrove