16&u B&D Tyldesley vs Warrington

B&D 16&u Tyldesley 6 - 16 Warrington - 26th June 2016

1st Quarter

Match captain is Dan; the home side win the toss and decide to defend the deep end.  Brett wins the swim-off and Warrington are straight into attack, with Dan first on the score sheet.  Tyldesley counter and the ball hits the side netting; the home-side have a player sent out, but the visitors fail to capitalise on the man-up.  Dom shoots, but the Tyldesley keeper makes a good save.  Tyldesley get a player sent out, but another missed opportunity for Warrington as Dan sends the ball over the bar.  Tyldesley attack, with good passing, time is running out and they shoot in the last second of the attack - Luke saves.  Tyldesley quickly on the attack again and this time they hit the bar.  Back at the deep end, both teams have a player sent out, Warrington attack and Dom scores.  Luke makes two saves in quick succession and the home side shoot wide.  Tyldesley save in the last second of the quarter - score is 0-2.

2nd Quarter

This quarter Warrington are attacking the shallow end - Dom is the first to score.  Tyldesley score from a penalty.  Emily B is next on the attack - she scores with a great shot.  Luke makes another save and Warrington’s passing is superb in the next attack - Emily B passes to Matt, who passes to Dan, who passes to Alfie, who shoots, but its saved.  Matt swims up with the ball and passes to Alfie, who’s in a great position - he makes a fantastic shot into the top-right corner.  Wonderful stuff.  Luke saves again and he passes long to Dom who scores.  Emily B swims the length of the pool with the ball - lob-shot over the goalie and it’s another great goal.  The home side on the attack now and set up well, with some great passing, and score.  Warrington counter and this time it’s Emma who shoots - it’s saved, but she’s straight back up to defend the deep end - working really hard.  Emily I gets sent out, then Tyldesley have a player sent out; this time the visitors set up well, and Dom shoots from the wing, it’s a goal.  Dom passes to Matt, Matt back to Dom who bats it into the net - fantastic play.  A great team effort in defence - Alfie and Emma stand-out.  Final throw of the quarter Luke takes a shot, but it’s saved.  A terrific team-effort and some outstanding play from the Warrington side and the quarter ends 2-9.

3rd Quarter

Warrington win the ball, but Tyldesely intercept a pass and are on the attack.  Dan tackles and passes up to Dom, who shoots, but it’s saved.  Now Luke passes long to Brett, he passes to Matt who shoots, but it’s saved.  Matt is straight into defence and intercepts a Tyldesley pass.  Alfie makes a cheeky pass over the top of a Tyldesley player, and again into Dan who bats it into the goal.  Good work.  Matt blocks a shot on goal, then Luke makes a long pass to Brett.  He passes into Dom, who shoots and scores.  Brett swims up with the ball and passes into Dan, who scores.  Luke passes to Brett and Warrington get a man-up; set up well, Emily B hits the post.  Emily I now swims up, Emma is in the pit, but the shot goes wide.  Good play!  Warrington back to defend and Tyldesley score.  Emma passes to Emily B.  Brett shoots but it hits the post.  Luke makes a fantastic save at the shallow end as Tyldesley try a lob-shot.  The quarter ends 3-12.

4th Quarter

Final quarter and Warrington have a comfortable lead.  Tyldesley have the first attack, but Emily I defends well and soon Dom is taking a shot - hits the post.  Emily B wins possession and passes to Dom - this time he scores.  Tyldesley shoot; Alfie defending; Luke makes the save.  Ball with Emily I then to Alfie who shoots but is out of time.  Dom makes a super interception and swims the length of the pool, passes to Emily I, who passes to Emily B then on to Brett, back to Emily I.  Plenty of possession, but Luke can see time is running out and shouts the team to get back to defend.  The Tyldesley attack is underway and they score.  Tyldesley attack again - Alfie is sent out and Matt blocks as Warrington defend the man-up.  Dan loses possession, Dom gets it back for the visitors and passes to Emma who hits the post.  Emily B passes to Emma who shoots again, but it is blocked.  Tyldesley score, then Warrington, and we’re into the last minute.  Emily B wins the ball, swims up and scores a fantastic goal.  Tyldesley score; Dan shoots from half-way but it goes wide and the Tyldesley keeper has the last throw of the match.  The exciting game ends 6-16.  Well done Warrington!

Coach Su summed up; “We were fantastic in defence, showed good team-work, although we missed a few ball-steals when players had their head in the water - something to work on.”  She singled Luke out for praise - great communication with the team, helping them attack and defend.


Su Bowater


Luke Atkinson, Dan Farini (C) (5), Brett Takemoto, Emma Horne, Emily Bowater (3), Dominic Richard (7), Matt Williams, Alfie Shelley (1), Emily Ireland