16&u B&D ORCA 10 - 12 Warrington

B&D 16&u ORCA Vs Warrington - 1st May 2016

1st Quarter

Captain Matt is the first to the ball, but Warrington are soon defendingEmma does some good defensive work.  The home side gain a free throw and Luke saves.  Ben quickly scores the first goal of the match making it 0-1.  ORCA level the score.  Conor defends well, and Dom takes a long-shot which hits the post.  Matt takes a shot and it’s saved.  ORCA’s bounce shot goes wide.  On the break, Emily swims with the ball, takes a shot, which the keeper can’t keep out.  It’s 1-2.  Emily again steals the ball to start an attack, Conor passes to Dan who pops it in net - his first touch of the match - it’s 1-3.  Dom hits the post then Ben defends.  Good passing and team-play - Ben scores making it 1-4.  Emily steals the ball again and swims up - she scores a superb lob-shot.  A great opening quarter, which ends 1-5.

2nd Quarter

Matt wins the swim-off again.  The Warrington goal gets sustained pressure - Luke makes a great save; ORCA try again with a bounce-shot which goes over; another powerful shot and Luke saves again.  ORCA score 2-5.  Warrington defend well as a team, Conor makes a great interception, then are on the attack.  Ben scores from the pit making it a hat-trick - great team-play.  Luke saves another bounce-shot, Dan steals the ball, Katie swims all the way, takes a shot, but it’s saved.  Emily and Katie make some instinctive passes in attack.  Luke passes to Dom, Dom passes to Ben who scores and it’s 2-7.

3rd Quarter

Brett wins the swim-off for Warrington.  It’s a physical game and Katie does some great defending.  A long throw from Luke to Dan, who passes into Conor, who scores, it’s 2-8.  Emily steals the ball again, Katie shoots, but it’s saved.  Dan scores making it 2-9.  Warrington play well as a team, putting in some fantastic passes.  ORCA score from a great bounce shot making it 3-9.  On the attack Emma is in the pit for Warrington, but is tightly marked and there is no clear pass.  ORCA score, now it’s 4-9.  Two quick goals - one from Ben, one from the home side - it’s 5-10.  Katie is on the wing, but is held back.  Brett passes in to Emma who is back in the pit - Warrington have a two men up and Coach Tom calls time-out.  Warrington set-up and Ben scores (his 2nd hat-trick), then Dom scores, making it 5-12. Great attacking play from the whole team.  ORCA awarded a penalty and Luke makes an awesome save.  Emma is on the wing, making space and Brett does some great defending.  The action-packed quarter ends and the ref explains her penalty decision to Luke.  

4th Quarter

Can Warrington hold on to this comfortable lead?  Emma makes a pass into attack and is quickly defending again - great work.  ORCA score 6-12.  Emily defends well, but ORCA take a shot and it’s 7-12.  Ben leads the attack, it’s getting physical in the pit and Warrington get a man-up.  There is fantastic team-play in the sustained attack - Emma hits the post.  Luke makes a save - it’s tense stuff.  Conor keeps possession, passes to Matt, who passes to Dom.  It’s two on one and Dom shoots, it goes wide.  ORCA shoot, Luke gets a hand to the ball but it sneaks into the goal, making it 8-12.  ORCA score again - it’s a very tense quarter for the visiting fans, the lead is slipping away.  Conor drives in, takes a shot, which is saved.  Emily defends an ORCA attack.  Conor passes to Katie, who passes to Matt, who passes to Emma, who shoots but it’s saved.  The match is in the last minute, Emma keeps possession, passes to Matt who shoots, but it’s saved.  Katie puts in some tenacious defending.  ORCA shoot and score - now it 10-12.  Dom shoots it goes wide and Warrington have a corner, which comes to nothing and ORCA have the final throw of the match.

Warrington played as a rounded team, with some great individual performances; one spectator said “Katie and Emily were like wasps round a picnic!”.  

Final score ORCA 10 Warrington 12.

The ref spoke afterwards and said that ideally two refs are needed in a game like that as she has to follow the ball.  Coach Tom’s post-match reaction - “The team played well until the third quarter, some decisions didn’t go our way, but we still won” 


Tom Costello & Su Bowater


Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (1)Katie Bowater, Dan Farini (2), Brett Takemoto, Emma Horne, Ben Daley (6), Emily Bowater (2), Dominic Richard (1), Matt Williams(C)