12&u B&D Radcliffe 5 - 7 Warrington

12&U B&D League Radcliffe 5 – 7 Warrington

B&D League

After a 10 minute rest between matches, gameplay resumed, this time playing for league points and there were plenty of goals on both sides in the first half. 

Radcliffe scored before the first minute was out, we equalised, then took the lead. Radcliffe drew level then added one more. We equalised, then they put another in and we matched it finishing 4-4 before half time.

2nd half was more subdued with fewer goals but still very much ‘tit-for-tat’  - Warrington got the first in just under one minute, then Radcliffe scored about a minute later. A dry spell followed with no goals for around 31/2 minutes, then Warrington scored taking it to 6-5.  With time running out Warrington were keen to hold onto their lead and switched to defensive mode closing down several Radcliffe attempts on goal. Warrington showed some excellent defensive work then an opportunity opened up and Warrington took advantage scoring another. More defensive work followed as we went in to the last minute and we held Radcliffe off to win the game 7-5

Goals from Marcus (6) and Louis (1)

In summary, we played two very close and similarly paced matches, and succeeded through hard work and determination. Evie and James both did some great defending and goalkeeping, despite not playing in goal usually.

Joe got stuck in playing from the centre forward, and Sam is shaping up to be a formidable defender with a powerful arm. Special mention goes to Lilly who must have been the smallest in the pool, but demonstrated some fierce attacking and looked like a veteran player with her recently acquired black eye.


Craig Stowell

Emily Ireland


Marcus Woods, Louis Stowell, Evie Sandell, Joe Dailey James Boyle, Lilly Ireland, Sam Owen-Short