14&u M&D Radcliffe 9 - 29 Warrington

Sunday 23rd Oct M&D 14&U Radcliffe 9 – Warrington 29


Warrington travelled to Radcliffe on Sunday with just enough for a team – Leo and Joe W. were unavailable and Emily I. was still recovering from injury – Annie and Louis steeped up from 12&U team to support.


Warrington won the toss and elected to start in the deep end. Brett scored first just 16 seconds in with Louis getting the second shortly after. Radcliffe had a player excluded and Warrington took advantage with another from Louis taking us to 3-0. Radcliffe got their first point on the scoreboard then had another player excluded giving Warrington another opportunity which Alfie took advantage of to make it 4-1. Warrington were demonstrating some great passing. Brett picked up an exclusion and Radcliffe scored. Then Alfie put one in making it 5-2. Radcliffe had another exclusion during which Louis scored. Emily was on great form in our goal. Brett put another away then Radcliffe had two players out on a double exclusion. Warrington set up the arc to good effect passing around and louis scored from the post. Annie picked up her first exclusion for swimming over, but we ended the quarter with a goal from Brett. 9-2 to Warrington.


Second quarter started with a Radcliffe exclusion and a goal from Brett, then another soon after. Radcliffe scored, then Alfie made it 12-3. Katie decided it was time she made her mark and got the next two goals. Annie was working hard pressuring Radcliffe attempts on goal and they had another player excluded. Warrington were attacking well, Eleanor on the right wing was feeding the ball up and Katie bagged another two goals but then had a penalty against her which Radcliffe converted. It was 16-4. Annie picked up an exclusion and Radcliffe scored, then had one of theirs excluded and Katie scored her 5th . Louis was excluded briefly as Brett scored a second later then again. Eleanor was sent out but Brett scored again and we finished the quarter 20-5.


Third quarter saw Brett open with two goals before 30 seconds had elapsed. Radcliffe had an exclusion and Katie scored then Radcliffe got one. Alfie got his first exclusion but it was Annie put paid to any advantage Radcliffe might have gained by scoring her first and taking the score to 24-6. Emily was absolutely on fire in goal! Radcliffe pulled one back but then had two players excluded giving us a double man-up which we used well with Alfie scoring. Radcliffe scored one then Alfie got a final goal in this quarter ending 26-8.


Due to time constraints we agreed a running clock in the final quarter and Warrington decided to switch players around so they could get some experience playing  different positions. Louis, trying out the centre-back position, seemed to forget, swam up and scored, then Eleanor, who had moved into an attacking role, had some good attempts on goal. The first one hit the bar, then she got a slow ball past the goalie which hit the water and started a slow roll in – we all held our breathe but the momentum was not enough to take it over the goal line. The next one from Eleanor found its mark and a cheer went up from Warrington as she scored for 28-8. The change of positions had thrown off Radcliffe’s strategy and they no longer knew who they should be marking. Annie picked up another exclusion for reasons which remain a mystery and was wrapped up, but the game was almost over. Alfie scored one then Brett got his second exclusion and Radcliffe got a final goal and a cheer went up from their side. Final score was 29-9 to Warrington.


A great result considering we only had the minimum number of players, but Warrington had demonstrated some fantastic teamwork throughout and the two referees and Radcliffe coaches come forward to praise and congratulate them.




Emily Atkinson (GK)

Brett Takemoto (10)

Alf Shelley (6)

Eleanor Brear (1)

Katie Bowater (6)

Annie Scholl (1)

Louis Stowell (5)




Su Bowater 

Emily Bowater

Craig Stowell