12&u B&D Warrington 8 - 10 Radcliffe

Match Report Warrington v Radcliffe U12

There was a good team turnout of 9 players


Sam Derbyshire


Louis Stowell


Sam Owen


Finton Lynch


Lily Ireland


Tilly Connery


Annie Sholl


Evie Sandell


Marcus Woods


1st Half

Warrington got off to a good start, with Annie getting in a shot at goal in the first few seconds.

The teams were quite evenly balanced as they tried to build momentum. Radcliffe countered and scored in the 59th second (0:1)

Annie shot again, but it was parried by the goalie.  Louis struck, but the goal was disallowed, but ten scored a few seconds later (1:1)

Radcliffe scored again within the next minute (1:2).

Louis shot again, but goalie scrabbled the ball against the cross bar. 

Marcus delivered a fine shot, levelling the scores (2:2)

Radcliffe came back with another goal less than a minute later (2:3)

Warrington went on the counter, but were too slow to get back after the Radcliffe goalie launched a long throw resulting in another away goal (2:4)

Warrington responded quickly with 2 quick goals from Louis and Marcus (4:4)

Sadly Radcliffe managed to edge back into the lead with 30 seconds to go and Annie finished the half in the way she started, with a great shot in the last second.



2nd Half


The second half showed much promise, with goals from Annie and Marcus in the first minute taking Warrington into the lead for the first time in the match (6:5)

Radcliffe responded with another goal (6:6) then took the lead 2 minutes later (6:7). 

They pulled further ahead with another 2 goals (6:9) leaving less than 3 minute to go.

Warrington never gave up and kept their composure and Louis scored another goal (7:9) with 37 seconds left on the clock. 

Radcliffe somehow managed to score yet again (7:10) with 5 seconds left.

Unbelievably, Marcus scored an absolutely stunning goal from the restart in the last second of the game!!


Overall, a good performance from the team, showing great promise for the future.