18th May Warrington 6 Bolton School 10 (12&u)

We have a good group of 11 and 12 year olds with ten players lined up for this game. We started off attacking the deep end and showed some promise with a goal from Ben Daily after 2 minutes. Warrington missed several more chances but we were happy to end the quarter 1 - 0 up. In the second quarter defending the deep we started to have some difficulty conceding eight goals and scoring only three with two from Ben Daily and one from Emelia Forde. In attacker we kept trying to pass to the back of our attackers head loosing possession quickly and being hit on the counter attack. In defence we just did not pick up players. Some players who had missed some training looked as if they had forgotten how to defend. The third quarter saw normality restored again back to a tight game with neither team in control. The quarter ended 1-1 with with Ben Daily scoring his fourth goal of the game. Ben Dailey is developing into an excellent left handed player a tribute to the hard work he has put in over the last six months notably attending plenty of swimming sessions and rarly missing a water polo session. The final quarter again saw a tight game with both teams giving little away. Daniel Farini scored Warrington’s only goal  in reply to an earlier Bolton goal. In conclusion the first quarter we won 1-0, two quarters drawn 1-1, with only the second quarter spoiling an otherwise good game with Ben Daily being Warrington’s outstanding player.