16&U Bridgefield v Warrington 5th July 2017

Warrington’s under-16s mid-week away fixture was against Bridgefield who are formidable, yet familiar, opposition.

Squad - Luke (C), Katie, Ben, Conor, Dom, Dan, Brett, Emily, Eleanor & Alfie.

1st Quarter

Warrington defend the deep-end and get off to a strong start with Brett winning the swim-off.  Dan is first on the score-sheet.  As both teams settle down, Warrington attack again with Brett passing to Conor, who scores with less than a second remaining.  The visitors get a man-up; Brett passes to Dan, who passes to Katie and she scores.  The hosts attack strongly and force Luke to make a save.  The game is paused while the goal is reattached to the wall!  Now the hosts get a man-up and Warrington defend well.  The visitors attack again and Alfie scores - great shot.  The hosts are strong opposition and start an attack, Dom intercepts, passes and gets into position in the pit - Dan sends the ball into him and he scores.  Good work!  Katie makes a superb tackle.  Conor passes to Ben, who passes to Brett who shoots but it hits the post.  Dom picks up from the rebound and shoots, but it’s saved.  In the next attack Brett passes to Dan, who passes to Dom who scores - he made sure this time!  As the whistle goes ending the first quarter the Bridgefield keeper saves a shot from Conor, and the score is 0 - 6.

2nd Quarter

Bridgefield start very positively and immediately are on the attack.  Ben defends the pit superbly and the visitors start their attack.  The hosts defend and are quickly on the counter-attack.  Luke makes a save.  Bridgefield attack and Warrington have to defend yet again.  Ben regains possession and passes to Dan who is under-pressure from the hosts.  He goes on  to score.  Ben is superb in defence as the hosts attack.  Dom scores.  The hosts reply with a goal almost immediately.  Great play as Conor passes to Dom, who shoots, but the Bridgefield keeper makes the save.  Luke makes a save as the hosts attack.  Warrington get a man-up but no goal.  Conor again seeing the pass, sends the ball to Dan who scores.  As the whistle goes Luke shoots, but the ball goes wide and the quarter ends 1 - 10.

3rd Quarter

Bridgefield score from a man-up.  Katie shoots, then Eleanor, who goes on to defend the counter-attack well.  Bridgefield have to defend, as Dan sends the ball over the goal.  Bridgefield attack and their second shot goes in.  The hosts get a man-up and call a time-out - they go on to score.  Brett shoots, forcing the Bridgefield keeper to dive for the ball - resulting in him tipping it over the net.  Warrington have a corner and Dan scores.  Bridgefield get a man-up, but Warrington defend well.  Dan has the ball and swims-up, he scores.  Great passing from the Warrington team, Katie hits the post, Dom goes on to score.  Dom again, swims up with the ball and scores.  Brett swims up with the ball this time, he passes to Dom, in space, who scores again.  Alfie defends well and Luke shoots in the last second; the ball goes high.  The score as the quarter ends is 4 - 15.

4th Quarter

Katie, in the pit, receives the ball from Luke, she shoots and it’s saved.  Emily defends well, Conor has possession and swims up to score.  He does the same again.  Conor scores again this time from a lovely lob-shot.  He scored three goals in as many minutes!  Luke is forced to make a save and sends the ball to Brett who scores.  Luke makes another save - this time a lob-shot and sends the ball to Katie, who shoots and hits the post.  Luke passes to Dan, who passes to Brett who scores.  Bridgefield score, just as the bell rings, signifying that the game is in the last minute.   The pace keeps up with the hosts keeping on the pressure - Ben defends well.  Luke shoots, the ball takes a deflection and Brett sends it in the back of the net.  Luke makes a save as the buzzer sounds, with the final score at 5 - 21.

A very competitive game, Bridgefield are a strong team and kept the pressure on throughout.  Warrington keeper Luke, was a superb captain making some fantastic saves and organising the team.  Well played both teams!

Goals - Conor 4, Dom 7, Brett 3, Alfie 1, Dan 5, Katie 1

Coach Sue,  Team Manager Andy