Under-16s vs Radcliffe (B&D Knock-out) 9th April 2017

Squad - Luke, Katie, Louis, Ben, Conor, Dom, Dan, Brett, Emily A & Emily I.

Coaches - Tom & Craig

1st Quarter - Brett wins the swim-off, but has a shot saved.  Conor scores with a back-hand shot.  Radcliffe have possession until Katie intercepts.  Conor passes to Dan, he draws the goal-keeper with a fake-shot, then sends the ball to Ben who scores.  Radcliffe counter-attack, good pressure from Ben.  Luke sends the ball long to Dan, scores.  In the next attack Brett swims up and passes to Dan, who scores again.  The home team counter-attack and take a long-shot at goal, but it goes over.  Conor passes to Katie, she scores.  Radcliffe try to slow the game down with a series of passes until Brett intercepts and swims up.  He is fouled and Warrington get a man-up, from which Dan scores.  The hosts counter-attack, Katie and Ben defend well.  Warrington start an attack and Conor is under-pressure, he gets the ball to Brett as they run out of time.  Luke comes out of the goal to defend an attack; Katie has the ball and is sunk.  Conor hits the post and the hosts have possession.  Dan intercepts and swims up, he passes to Brett who scores.  Dom intercepts, passes to Conor who scores.  Dan intercepts and passes to safety, Luke sends the ball to Dom, he passes to Brett, who passes to Ben who finishes with a great goal.  Terrific passing.  More of the same, this time Katie passes to Brett, he passes to Conor who scores.  Dan fouls and the hosts get a man-up, good build up but no goal.  The quarter ends with Luke making a save and the score at 0-10.

2nd Quarter - A goal each for Ben and Conor - a great start!  Radcliffe attack and the visitors defend well.  Emily I in possession, sends the ball to Dan who shoots but it is saved,  Warrington get a man-up - goal from Emily I.  Katie and Emily I defend, and Radcliffe get a man-up.  They set-up well and Warrington work hard to defend, they shoot but Luke scoops up the ball to safety.  On the counter-attack, Dom scores.  Louis and Emily A both defend well.  On the next attack, the visitors get a man-up, Katie passes to Emily I who scores.  Katie swims up in the pool and scores.  That girl is everywhere now she’s defending!.  Luke makes a save, sending the ball to Conor, who scores.  On the counter-attack Radcliffe shoot, but Luke saves.  Conor scores again.  Conor sends a long pass to Katie, she shoots, but it goes wide.  Emily I defends well and Luke passes long to Katie, she shoots but it is saved.  Radcliffe counter-attack and Conor and Emily A defend well, as do Louis and Katie.  Conor swims up in possession, he passes to Ben, who scores.  The visitors have to defend and Radcliffe get a man-up.  Warrington defend well and Brett takes the ball up the pool, but Radcliffe defend the attack as the quarter ends, the score is 0-19.

3rd Quarter - Radcliffe win the swim-off and take a shot, but they hit the post.  Dan hits the post and Radcliffe quickly counter-attack and score.  Good play from Warrington, with Dan passing to Dom who is in the pit - he shoots and it goes in, but no goal.  Refs tell players to carry on.  Radcliffe score again, capitalising on the confusion.  Warrington regain their composure and score again - Dom, soon followed by Dan.  Brett defends well.  Dom passes to Conor and he scores.  Warrington attack again and Dom passes to Dan, he puts the ball in the net, but no goal given.  The hosts attack again, Dan intercepts a pass regaining possession.  Emily I passes to Brett who scores.  Good team-work from the Warrington players, good passing and build up to a great goal from Ben.  Emily I takes a shot and it goes wide.  Katie defends, and the hosts get a man-up, they score.  Ben passes to Dan, and he scores.  The hosts attack again and Katie defends, Luke makes a save.  Conor passes to Ben and he scores.  The score is 3-26.

4th Quarter - Luke and Brett swap hats; Luke wins the swim-off.  Katie and Emily A defend an attack from the hosts and Brett makes the save.  On the counter-attack Louis shoots, but it is saved.  Radcliffe have possession and pass the ball but Louis intercepts, passes the ball to Luke who swims up.  Good passing between Luke and Louis, the hosts defend and gain possession.  The hosts attack and score.  They quickly follow-up with another.  Katie passes to Luke who passes to Louis, he scores.  Brett throws the ball long, it bounces off Conor’s head and out of play (comedy moment of the match).  Conor regains his composure and goes on to score.  More great team work with some good passing from Dom to Ben, to Dan, who scores.  Dan scores another. Radcliffe attack again; Brett makes the save,  Conor passes to Ben, who scores.  Brett makes another save.  Conor swims up and passes to Luke, he scores.  The game is in the last minute, and Radcliffe attack - good defending from Emily A.  Luke passes to Ben, he scores with a bounce-shot.  Warrington have the last attack of the match as the whistle goes ending the match.  The final score is 5-33. 

Another good performance from the Warrington team, who looked at their best when passing the ball in the build-up to a goal.  Great defending by the younger members of the team. 

Goals - Ben 8, Conor 8, Brett 2, Dom 2, Dan 7, Katie 2, Emily I 2, Louis 1, Luke 1

Majors - Katie 1, Dan 1, Emily I 2