Senior Men's Cheshire Tournament

Warrington men’s team came out champions of Cheshire after victories over Chester and Birkenhead at Europa Pools. Having watching Birkenhead play Chester in a very close game which Chester won 6-5 with a goal in the last 2 minutes Warrington new the cup could go to anyone.

First up was Chester and Warrington played to focus on defence and stay composed in attack. The defence was solid and Warrington were 2-0 up at half time thanks to goals from Oli Rhodes and Addison Brown who was trying to find his shooting arm. In the second half Chester pulled one back but Warrington remained resolute. David Price was wrapped up for leaving the pool when he thought we had scored. Two more goals from Dan Farini and Dom Richard sealed the 4-1 victory for Warrington.

Birkenhead were immediately next and waiting rested and ready. Warrington had to recoup their energy and prepare for another tough game. Warrington’s foundations were again focused on defence and leaving no cracks at the back. Despite this they conceded first but did not lose their composure. Addison had found his range and scored 3 goals in the first half added to be Ian Musgrove and 2 more From Oli Rhodes, Warrington lead 6-2 at half time. The second half was more of the same restricting Birkenheads chances and remaining composed in attack. In the second half David Price was again wrapped up this time for mouthing at the referee (tut tut). 2 more a piece from Addison and Oli and a goal from Dominic Richard meant Warrington won 11-3. Cheshire Champions.

Team: L Atkinson, D Price, I Musgrove, O Rhodes, D Farini, P Daintith, A Burke, A Farini, A Brown, D Richard