Under 16s continue strong home form

Warrington vs. ORCA 16&U (M&D)

The home team had two players missing on National League duties, and four players in the pool who had themselves crossed the Pennines for National League matches earlier in the day. 

1st Quarter

The match starts with the visitors attacking the shallow end.  Matt wins the swim off and Emma is first on the score-sheet with a lovely lob-shot, an impressive start.  ORCA reply with a goal almost immediately.  Dom tries a flick-on but the ball is sent wide.  Dom attacks again and shoots, the ball goes in, but it’s disallowed.  Warrington settle down and there is lovely passing between the players - Conor in to Emma, who passes on to Ben.  Dan takes the ball in, and Warrington have a corner - Emma takes a shot, but it hits the cross-bar.  Now ORCA mount an attack and both teams apply pressure - both get a player sent out - Warrington defend and keep the ball out.  Conor goes on to score from a bounce-shot.  ORCA take a shot, but there are bodies in the way and Dan scoops up the ball, he safely passes to Luke.  Next Warrington attack, and ORCA’s defence is superb, a shot is blocked.  However, the home-side keep the pressure on and Matt is on the score-sheet.  The visitors reply with a goal.  Dom scores, and Ben also shoots but the ORCA goalie keeps the ball out.  Warrington have a corner, and there is great passing between Dan and Ben, who sends the ball into Conor, who scores.  Dom swims up with the ball and is fouled, gaining a man-up, he goes on to score.   A terrific start to the match; the score is 6 - 2.

 2nd Quarter

Warrington now attack the shallow end and Ben shoots, it goes in but is disallowed.  Dom makes a break and swims up, he passes to Ben who scores from a super lob-shot.  The visitors are now on the attack and goal-keeper Luke is organising the defence with shouts of hands-up - but ORCA score.  ORCA attack again, this time it hits the post.  The visitors get a corner, Luke makes a superb save.  Next ORCA get a man-up and Warrington defend well.  Emma swims up to receive a shot, but ORCA intercept and get a goal.  Luke saves another.  Captain Matt takes the lead and shoots in reply, but it is saved.  Conor has to defend the pit.  Warrington are under sustained pressure, as ORCA attack again and frustration shows.  Calm resumes and the home side are back on the attack, Ben shoots, but it goes high.  ORCA take a bounce-shot but it goes wide.  Now Ben scores, ORCA reply with another goal from a crafty bounce shot.  Dom hits the side-post and Luke makes a terrific save.  Brett keeps good pressure on an opponent - great defending.  Dom has the ball, he’s fouled and Warrington get a man-up.  Dom passes to Ben, who scores.  ORCA shoot in the last second but it goes over.  A very exciting quarter, which ends 9 - 5.

3rd Quarter

Brett wins the swim-off, and the ball is with Ben who shoots, but it hits the post.  ORCA get a man-up and call a time-out.  Warrington defend well and are soon on the attack.  It comes to nothing and ORCA score.  Conor receives the ball from Luke, he swims up and scores.  Great goal.  Dom passes to Brett who makes a terrific swim-up, he’s fouled but the ref doesn’t see it.  Conor scores a back-hand shot from the pit.  The visitors get a man-up, but nothing comes of it and Brett makes another great swim-up.  ORCA defend well.  Luke makes a save and sends the ball up the pool with a long ball to Dom who receives the ball and scores.  The home side get a man-up, but ORCA defend well.  More great passing from the Warrington side as Dom passes to Conor who passes to Brett, who scores.  Good pressure from Emma in defence.  Dan scoops up the ball and sends it in to Brett.  Warrington have a penalty.  Dom converts, only after an opponent was practicing his kicking technique beside him.  Dan intercepts an ORCA pass and is then fouled, another man-up for Warrington who continue to keep up the pressure in a sustained attack, at the end of which, Ben scores.  The team’s youngest sub is in the water now, well done Joe.  Conor passes long to Dom, who sends it in to Dan, who scores.  More lovely play from the home side.  Dom defends well and Conor shoots in the last second of the quarter, but no goal.  The quarter ends 16 - 6.

4th Quarter

Emily receives the ball after the swim-off and passes it to Ben, under pressure sends it to Dan, who tries a lob-shot from the pit, but it doesn’t cross the line.  Warrington defend, and are soon on the attack - Dom scores.  Now Ben swims up with the ball, shoots, but it’s saved by the ORCA goalie.  The home side need to defend and ORCA shoot, but it goes over.  ORCA gain a man-up, but Warrington defend well.  Dom passes long to Ben, who scores.  Conor makes a great interception, he swims up with the ball, but no goal.  Ben, in a lovely move, under-pressure sends the ball to Dom, who scores.  Now it’s Dom who intercepts and swims-up, but ORCA defend well. Conor defends and the ball is with Dom, who shoots, but it goes wide.  Dan is fouled and the home side get a man-up - Dan and Dom exchange passes and it’s Dom who scores.  Luke has to make a save.  Then, Conor passes to Emily, the visitors defend well and the host’s attack runs out of time.  Joe is performing well, keeping pressure on an opponent, he gains the ball and passes to start a Warrington attack.  Warrington gain a man-up but fail to capitalise and it’s ORCA to score.  Into the last minute and ORCA are on the attack, Luke saves.  The match finishes with the ORCA goal-keeper taking a shot, no goal.  Final score 20 - 7.

A terrific match with all players fully committed; lots of action with both teams getting players wrapped up and lots of attacking play. 


Tom Costello


Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (4), Dan Farini (1), Brett Takemoto (1), Emma Horne (1), Ben Daley (5), Emily Ireland, Dominic Richard (7), Matt Williams (1), Joseph Weston