Under-16s in double-header against Tyldesley

Warrington vs. Tyldesley 16&U (M&D/B&D)

The first under-16 match in the new home venue, Orford Park, is a double-header against Tyldesley.

1st Quarter

The match starts with Warrington attacking the shallow end.  Matt wins the swim off and Dom is first on the score-sheet.  Warrington defend - good pressure from Katie - Tyldesley make a high shot from the wing, Luke saves.  Matt takes a shot, it goes wide.  Conor picks up the ball and swims up - he’s under pressure - he shoots and scores.  Conor passes into Dom’s path, he collects the ball, shoots and scores.  Katie passes up the wing to Emily, who scores.  Now it’s Emily passing to Katie, who passes into Dom who scores.  Tyldesley tighten their defence, and Dom is under pressure in the pit - he shoots and it goes in, but he’s penalised for a shove and no goal is given.  Next attack, and Dom is free, Ben passes to him and he scores.  It’s Ben’s turn next and he’s on the attack, under pressure, he scores.  Brett receives the ball, but there’s no clear shot. Warrington get a man-up following a foul on Brett, Ben capitalises with a goal.   Dan receives the ball from Ben, but no clear shot and he sends the ball back to Ben who scores.  Tyldesley have the last throw of the quarter.  The home side have started strongly; the score is 10 - 0.

 2nd Quarter

Brett wins the swim-off for Warrington.  The ref takes time to clarify a decision and Tyldesley gain a man-up.  The home-side defend well - good pressure from Emma.  On the counter-attack Dan scores.  The team continue to defend well as the visitors increase their attack.  Katie is pulled back, Luke makes a save.  Brett scores.  Emma working hard in defence; Tyldesley get a man-up and Luke saves a shot on goal.  Matt and Katie are both tenacious in defence; the visitors get a man up and their coach calls a time-out.  Tyldesley set-up and the home-side defend superbly, Matt finally claiming the ball.  Emily goes on to score from a super lob-shot.  Tyldesley counter-attack and Warrington defend as a team, keeping the visitors out until the buzzer.  Warrington on the attack, Emily passes to Matt, in the pit, who scores.  The quarter ends 15 - 0.

3rd Quarter

Brett dons the red hat for this quarter and Luke plays out-field.  The ref delays the re-start and the home-side “warm-up” the fresh goal-keeper.  Play starts with a pass from Luke into Dan, who is squeezed off the ball.  Emma works hard in defence and is straight up to the other end to help the attack.  Conor makes a superb pass to Dan, who scores.  Conor scores himself, following a flick of the ball with his foot - good goal.  Brett makes a save.  Luke passes to Ben, Ben passes to Dom, who scores.  Emily covers, but Tyldesley find the back of the net.  Luke shoots, but it goes over the goal.  There is good pressure by Dan, Ben picks up the ball and swims up.  Conor finishes the attack with a bounce-shot.  Tyldesley on the attack and set-up well, they shoot and the ball goes in just past Brett’s finger-tips.  Luke shoots, it’s just wide.  The quarter ends 20 - 2.

4th Quarter

Luke gets the red hat back.  Dom shoots from the pit, but the Tyldesley goal-keeper makes a cracking save.  Ben goes on to score, quickly followed by Conor.  Emma keeps pressure on in defence.  Katie makes a shot, but it’s saved.  Emma defends the pit; Conor makes a bounce-shot and scores.  The team defend well and the Tyldesley attack runs out of time.  Ben scores.  Emma defends well, and as Warrington attack Dom is pulled back and the home-side get a man-up.  Ben scores.  Emma passes to Dan, who passes to Emily, who scores.  Great team play from the home-side.  The match is in the last minute and Luke throws long to Dan, who scores.  Emily shoots in the last second and scores.  The match ends 28 - 2.

Whilst the home-side attacked well, it was their superb defending that led to the final score.  The whole team defended; with some players working hard throughout - Emma worthy of special mention.  A final bit of tension was the un-knotting and subsequent missing hats; Andrea and Kevin saved the day!


Tom Costello & Sue Bowater


Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (5), Katie Bowater, Dan Farini (5), Brett Takemoto (1), Emma Horne, Ben Daley (8), Emily Bowater (5), Dominic Richard (3), Matt Williams (1)