Ben Dailey and Conor Lynch Selected for ESSA trial

Congratulations to Ben and Conor on their selection!

Ben Dailey and Conor Lynch who are both from Bridgewater High School and Warrington Swimming and Water Polo Club has been invited to attend the Duke of Cambridge Cup event to be held at Northampton School for Boys on Sunday 26th June (Boys).

The Duke of Cambridge Cup event was staged for the first time in 2014 as the selection event for English Schools’ representative international Water Polo Teams.  It is supported by the ESSA Patron HRH the Duke of Cambridge and the RAF who have kindly staged the event previously at RAF Cranwell.  The event this year is taking place with their continued support at Northampton as part of the school’s 475 year celebrations.   

The age group involved each year in the Duke of Cambridge Cup will be determined by the upcoming European Championship age group competition.  As a result, the event this year is for boys born 2000 or later.  It is the intention that the teams selected will travel during the October half term 2016 to a tournament in Malta. 

Whilst Ben and Conor will be a year younger (born 2001) than some of the players present it is a great achievement to be selected to take part in the competition.