14&u M&D Warrington 23 - 3 Chester

M&D 14&u Warrington 23 - 3 Chester May 14th

Chester arrived at Great Sankey with 12 players to go up against an 8 strong Warrington Team.

Chester won the coin toss and opted to begin in the deep end.

Brett started us off with a goal in the first minute and then proceeded to make it a hat trick before two minutes had expired. He got another shortly after taking us to 4-0. Leo firmly deflected a couple of Chester attempts to score. Katie scored next for Warrington, then 30 seconds later Alfie got our sixth – Chester were still to score. Emily Atkinson picked up the first exclusion of the game for some overenthusiastic tackling, but then Joseph scored and Warrington ended the 1st quarter with a 7-0 lead.

Warrington continued to dominate with Emily Ireland picking up the first goal of the 2nd quarter, followed by one from Louis. Joseph scored his 2nd of the game taking it to 10-0 then Brett, in the pit and in a prime goal scoring position, showed great team spirit by tossing the ball to Louis who put it in the net. Brett scored the next, then Katie got her 2nd as we went into the last minute of the quarter. With just over 30 seconds left, Chester got their first goal of the match, and a cheer went up from their side, but Warrington managed to get another one in before the quarter ended with Katie scoring with just 1 second left on the clock.14-1 to Warrington. 

3rd quarter started with a couple of Warrington exclusions. Louis was sent out for jumping of the bottom off the pool whilst defending, then shortly after Joseph was  sent out for blocking with both arms. Chester were unable to turn either of the man-up situations to their advantage however due to good goalkeeping from Leo, and it was Brett who scored the first goal of the quarter. Alfie netted two, then Brett one, then another from Alfie ended the quarter at 19-1.


Final quarter started with more exclusions. Emily Ireland and the Chester player she was marking were both sent out after a clash. No goals were scored by either side for the duration of the exclusions. Alfie scored the first goal of the quarter 3 minutes in. Emily Ireland picked up a second exclusion for a hard tackle but Chester didn’t gain any advantage. Brett made it 21-1, then Chester scored their second goal of the match. It was an eventful last minute and Warrington showed some great teamwork – Brett passed a long ball across the goal to Louis, who passed it back in to Emily Atkinson in the pit who scored for 22-2, then Brett made it 23-2. A foul by Louis within 5 metres of our goal resulted in a penalty for Chester who scored with just 3 seconds left on the clock, but at 23-3 Warrington had secured a great win.


In only their 2nd game of the season Warrington 14&u seemed to have made significant improvements since their previous match. Leo’s return as Goalkeeper after his shoulder injury has strengthened the team, and the older players demonstrated excellent leadership and guidance for the rest of the team.


Final Score: Warrington 23 – Chester 3



Tom Costello

Su Bowater




Leo Kilpatrick (GK)

Brett Takamoto (9)

Alf Shelley (5)

Katie Bowater (3)

Emily Ireland (1)

Emily Atkinson (1)

Joseph Weston (2)

Louis Stowell (2)