16&u B&D Warrington 6 - 5 Bridgefield

Warrington vs. Bridgefield 16 & U (Bolton & District League Match)

1st Quarter

Bridgefield start strongly, and with two quick exclusions Warrington work hard to defend the oppositions 2-man up.  Warrington on the counter-attack, Emily scores a terrific lob-shot taking the lead for the home side 1 - 0.  Emma shoots, the ball takes a deflection off the Bridgefield keeper and Warrington have a corner.  Back at the deep-end Bridgefield shoot, but the ball hits the post.  Warrington come back again, this time Matt shoots, but the ball goes wide.  Warrington make a substitution, Dom shoots and scores, the quarter finishes 2 - 0.

2nd Quarter

Bridgefield start strongly again, and Luke saves a back-hand shot.  Now Warrington have a 2-man up and coach Tom calls a time-out to talk strategy, superb decision as Warrington set-up well and Dom scores just in time to make it 3 - 0.  Warrington make substitutions, Bridgefield on the attack, earning a corner.  Warrington make a counter-attack and Ben shoots, spectators are sure it’s in, but no goal.  Bridgefield come back again and score, it’s 3 - 1.  Conor shoots but the ball hits the post, andBridgefield come back to score again.  Now it’s 3 - 2.  Luke makes a great save from a long-range shot.  Good defending from both sides, and Bridgefield score in the final seconds making it 3 - 3.  Game on!

Quarter 3

Warrington start strongly this quarter, Emily shoots, but is saved.  Luke pulls off a succession of great saves, one from a back-hand shot during a sustained period of pressure from Bridgefield.  Bridgefield get a man-up and call a time-out;  Warrington successfully defend and Matt shoots on the counter-attack.  Bridgefield score from a penalty, making it 3 - 4.  Dan makes a break, passes to Ben who shoots, but the ball is saved.  Back again to Bridgefield who make it 3 - 5.  Last minute, and another attack from Bridgefield - Dan intercepts, gets the ball to Dom who makes a long-shot, but it’s saved.  

Quarter 4

Warrington need to start strongly, and they do - Conor makes a back-hand shot, which is saved.  Conor passes to Dom, who shoots again, but is saved.  Brett defends the pit, and Dan swims to the deep-end and scores.  Now it’s 4 - 5.  Warrington dig-deep, and set-up well, Matt scores. It’s 5 - 5. Score level with less than half the quarter to go, Conor passes to Dom who scores an audacious over-head backwards goal.  It’s 6 - 5.  Spectacular stuff!  Dom fires a bounce shot but the ball goes over the goal.  In the last minute Warrington are penalised for time-wasting and Dan blocks a shot.  

Warrington put in a superb team performance, in a close match.  Final score Warrington 6 Bridgefield 5.


Tom Costello

Su Bowater


Luke Atkinson, Conor LynchKatie Bowater, Dan Farini (1), Brett Takemoto, Emma Horne, Ben Daley, Emily Bowater (1), Dominic Richard (3), Matt Williams (1)Eleanor Brear