Seniors L&D Birkenhead 8 - 13 Warrington

Warrington’s first game of the Liverpool & District league saw a tough first encounter with Birkenhead at Europa Pools. A slow start from Warrington meant it was hard for them to progress up the pitch. Birkenhead pushed very hard all over the pool and Warrington struggled to form any structured attacks. The first quarter finished 2 - 2. After some strong words Warrington moved up a gear and started to play much better as a team and one which remembered how to play. They established a 2 goal lead and which they managed to maintain for the rest of the match and pulling away to 8 - 13 in the final quarter


P Burke, N Musgrove, T Hadley (3), S Cooper, D Price, I Musgrove (2), S Mainwaring, O Rhodes (2), A Burke (1), P Daintith, C Dean (1), J Barker (4)