Under 16s, L&D and Cheshire Cup, Liverpool Aquatics, 19th November

Warrington’s under-16s travelled to Liverpool Aquatics Centre on Saturday to compete in the L&D tournament and the Cheshire Cup.  They played two matches - against familiar opponents - Chester and Bridgefield. 

The match against Chester was both the Cheshire Cup match and a tournament match.  In the first period of play Warrington dominated - Luke didn’t have to make any saves and goal-scorers were Conor, Dom, Ben and Emma.  Great defensive work from Emily, Emma, Conor and Dan.  The half-time score was 9 - 0.  The second half was much of the same, with goals from Dom, Dan, Brett, Emily, Katie and Conor.  Warrington were strong in attack with Ben, Brett and Alfie all hitting the post.  Chester battled to the end, scoring a goal and forcing Luke to make a save.  The match finished 17 - 1, putting the team in a strong position in the tournament and winners of the Cheshire Cup.

Goals - Conor 5, Dom 4, Ben 2, Katie 2, Emma 1, Brett 1, Dan, 1 Emily B 1

The second match was against rivals Bridgefield, and as the last match of the afternoon, the ref was keen to get the match going.  Ben put in a great shift defending the Bridgefield centre-forward.  Warrington goal-scorers were Emily, Dom and Dan; Luke had to make a couple of saves.  This was a close match and the half-time score was 3 - 2.  The second half was again very close, and Warrington missed a couple of opportunities.  Dom scored two goals and Bridgefield score a penalty.  Again Ben defended the pit against a strong attacking Bridgefield team.  The final score was 5 - 3, and Warrington took the L&D title.

Goals - Emily B 1, Dom 3, Dan 1

Squad - Emma, Luke, Alfie, Ben, Conor, Brett, Emily I, Katie, Emily B, Dan

Coaches - Tom & Sue