Warrington vs. Stretford (16 & Under)

1st Quarter

Matt wins the swim off, but the attack runs out of time, and the visitors start positively forcing Luke to make a save.  The Warrington defence are slow and Stretford capitalise, taking the lead.  Matt makes sure this isn’t repeated and defends the next attack.  Conor makes a great swim up, but doesn’t score.  Dom goes on to make the score level,  Warrington defend well, as the visitors attack.  Warrington on the attack and the clock is running down - Katie shoots, but no goal.  Another attack, and Dan sends the ball to Dom in the pit, he’s closely marked and the ball doesn’t quite reach the goal-line.  Stretford start their attack, Emma defends well.  In the next attack, Dom tries a bounce-shot, but it hits the post.  The home-side gain a penalty, Dom takes it and scores.  Stretford counter-attack and Matt defends - Luke makes a save, and sends the ball long up to Dan, who buries it in the back of the net.  Stretford attack, but Dan intercepts and swims-up.  Possession changes again and Stretford attack.  Conor defends well and makes a long-pass to Matt, who shoots but hits the post. Stretford gain a man-up, but the ball is sent over the bar.  The quarter ends 3 - 1.

2nd Quarter

Warrington defend the shallow-end and are soon on the attack.  Dan shoots, but it is saved.  Stretford attack and shoot, but it hits the post.  Dan and Dom exchange passes and it’s Dan who scores the first goal of the quarter.  Stretford hit the post, but Warrington quickly counter and this time, Conor scores with a bounce-shot.  Again Stretford hit the post, and Luke collects the ball, he passes up to Conor who scores with another bounce-shot.  Dan passes to Eleanor, who passes to Conor.  Warrington get a man-up, but it amounts to nothing.  Stretford are quickly on the attack and Luke is forced to make a diving save, they attack again, but this time the ball goes over.  Conor scores a hat-trick with yet another bounce-shot.  Stretford attack, and the Ref decides on a drop-ball, Dan wins it and passes to Luke who sends the ball to Dom, he scores (hat-trick).  This time, Luke passes to Conor who scores another bounce-shot.  Emma and Matt both defend well as the visitors attack, Matt passes to Emma who swims up the wing, passing the ball to Dan.  Stretford score, quickly followed by another Warrington goal - this time it’s Dan who gets a hat-trick.  Stretford attack, and Dom intercepts the ball - Tom calls time-out.  Conor scores.  Luke has the last throw of the quarter and the ball goes over.  The quarter ends 11 - 2. 

3rd Quarter

Matt wins the swim-off, and Emily takes the ball in, she takes a shot but it goes just wide.  Dom wins the ball and swims up in attack, but Stretford defend well and are soon on the attack.  The home-side are terrific in defence as the visitors take a couple of shots.  On the attack again and Dom shoots but it is saved.  Conor passes to Katie, she passes to Matt.  Matt shoots, but it’s saved.  Good work from the home-side.  Katie is back in defence, and Luke makes a save.  Luke passes to Conor, who passes to Katie - this time she scores a well deserved goal - she is working hard (and has just played in the under-14s match).  Emma defends and Luke makes a save.  He passes to Katie who shoots again, this time it it saved.  Stretford gain a man-up, but the hosts defend well.  Katie passes to Matt, who is on the score-sheet.  Emma’s turn to shoot, but the Stretford keeper saves it.  Dom passes into Dan, who shoots and scores.  Emma defends the Stretford attack, they shoot but it hits the post.  Dan taps the ball thinking it goes into the net, but no goal.  The quarter ends 14 - 3.

4th Quarter

The visitors win the swim off and attack.  Luke claims the ball and sends it into Dom who scores.  Stretford gain a free-throw and score.  Matt scores, despite the best efforts of the Stretford keeper who got a hand to it.  Luke passes the ball up to Katie, who shoots, but it goes wide.  Stretford are straight into another attack and score.  Conor gains possession and keeps the ball as he swims up under pressure.  Dom swims up, receives the ball and scores.  Katie again defends well.  The ball is sent out of play by Stretford; Dan passes to Luke, who passes up to Conor who scores again - his second hat-trick.  Dom also scores, getting his second hat-trick.  The match comes to an end with another goal from Dom.  The final score is 20 - 5.


Tom Costello


Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (6), Katie Bowater (1), Dan Farini (4), Emma Horne, Dominic Richard (7), Matt Williams (2), Emily Ireland, Eleanor Brear