14&u M&D. Stretford 2 - 32 Warrington

Stretford vs Warrington 14 and Under Manchester and District League Match

1st Quarter

Warrington attacking the deep end scored in just over 20 seconds with Ben setting up Molly who did a great shot from the left.  Molly was on target again, from the same position with Brett this time supplying the pass.  Conor then passed to Ben who set up Dominic for a goal.  Dominic played a part in the 4th goal with an interception and then passed to Conor who passed on to Ben to score.  Ben supplied the pass to Dominic to score and Molly was the then the provider for Conor to score.

The Stretford keeper pushed a good shot from Dominic on to the post.  Warrington were then on the defence and it took a good save from Luke to stop Stretford from scoring.  Dominic scored another goal. Emily started a move, passing to Molly, who passed to Dominic to set Ben up for a goal. Emily was playing well, she stole the ball several times to stop Stretford.  Stretford ended the quarter strongly, shooting wide and then on the next attack scoring with just over a minute of the quarter left. The quarter ended with the score 1-8.

2nd Quarter

Warrington scored with a great move that started with Alfie passing to Katie, who passed to Emily, who set up Dominic to score.  Both teams defended well for the next 2 and half minutes, with both keepers making good saves.  Brett was denied by the Stretford keeper when he broke to swim in on goal.  It was Katie that scored for Warrington, before Ben set up Dominic for a goal and then Brett scored.  Brett then passed to Ben who provided a pass for Molly to score.  It was Brett again that passed to Conor who set up Molly for a goal.  Brett was then provider for Alfie who did a great lob of the keeper to score.  Conor then provided the pass to Alfie to score his second goal.  Luke did a good long pass to Brett, who went swam in and went close, hitting the post.  The score at the end of the quarter was 1-16. 

Quarter 3

Katie passed to Molly to score.  Conor is then provider for Brett.  Ben does a great interception and passed to Dominic who brings a good save out of the Stretford keeper.  Brett sets up Ben for a goal and then Ben scores again shortly after.  Ben brings another good save from the Stretford keeper and then the keeper pushes a shot from Katie on to the bar.  Brett sets up Dominic, who scores with a good backhand shot.  Katie provided the pass to Conor who scores with a bounce shot.  Ben passes to Molly to score and then Ben scores himself on the break.  Ben then passes to Conor who sets up Brett to score.  The quarter ended 1-25.

Quarter 4

Conor scores after Dominic passes to him.  Alfie goes close hitting the bar.  Stretford are then on the attack, Luke saves pushing the ball on to the bar.  Some strong play from Ben to win the ball and free himself from 2 Stretford players before going on to score.  Molly scores a goal, Ben scores after receiving the ball from Dominic. Some great intricate play between Molly, Ben and Conor before Dominic scores. Conor, Ben and Molly were then on the break, 3 on to 2, Conor passes to Molly who provides a pass to Ben, who has made great space for himself to score, with 12 seconds of the game left.  That is not all folks, there is a twist and Stretford manage to score with just 7seconds left on the clock to make the final score 2-32.

A very disciplined performance from Warrington, they kept concentration throughout the match and the younger players got some good game time.


Su Bowater


Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (3), Alfie Shelley (2), Katie Bowater (1), Dominic Richard (7), Molly Boniface-Ashton (7), Ben Dailey (8), Brett Takemoto (3), Emily Ireland