14&u M&D. Warrington 20 - 4 Tyldesley

Warrington vs Tyldesley 14 and Under Manchester and District League Match
1st Quarter
Warrington started strongly, Ben scoring on the break.  Shortly after this, the Tyldesley goal keeper made a good save from a shot from Molly.  Conor passed to Molly who scores to make it 2-0 and then Conor is again the provider for Ben to make it 3-0.  It was Dan who passes to Ben to make it 4-0 and then Molly passed it to Conor to make it 5-0.  Ben scored another goal on the break and then steals the ball to score another goal to make it 7-0.  Luke was then sent out for an obstruction, Conor saved a shot on the line.  Luke being such a nice boy, didn’t know what to do after his first sending out, he loitered behind the goal looking innocent.  The referee awarded a penalty for Luke not exiting from the pool.  Conor went in goal and only be able to use one hand saw the ball fly past him into the top corner.  The quarter ended 7-1.
2nd Quarter
Conor scored with a long range shot, Tyldesley replied to make the score 8-2.  Ben and Molly scored to make it 10-2.  Ben and Conor did a good one-two which resulted in Ben scoring to make it 11-2.  Emily Ireland did some great defensive work, resulting in an attack with Dominic having a good shot well saved. Molly scored to make the quarter end score 13-2.  Emily, Alfie and Riley all played in this quarter, the first appearances for Emily and Alfie.  All of them played well.
3rd Quarter
Riley did some great defensive work at the start of the quarter.  Brett made a good pass to Conor who scored.  Ben scored with a long range shot and Dan scored to make it 17-2.  Dan did some good great defensive work and Luke made a great save.  Conor did a one-two with Molly and then passed to Dan for him to score, a great move. Tyldesley scored with a great lob with 18 seconds of the quarter left.  There is still time for Molly to set up Dan to score with 7 seconds of the quarter remaining.  The quarter finishes with Luke trying a shot from his goal, a good attempt fell just a few metres short.  Emma and Katie did some good defensive work.  Brett had a great performance on the wing, being a constant nuisance to the Tyldesley defence.  The quarter ended 19-3.
4th Quarter
Tom put more of the less experienced players in together in this half and they did very well.  Emily played well in defence, she stole the ball to set up an attack.  Tyldesley gained back possession and scored to make it 19-4. Good play from Emma resulted in her winning a foul.  Emma was then involved in a great move with Emily, Katie and Riley attacking Tyldesley, unfortunately it didn’t result in a goal.  Alfie was being defended closely and did well to do a backhand shot, which was saved.  This was closely followed by Emma having a shot saved. Katie did some great defensive work, Ben broke to score the last goal of the game.  Brett had a shot saved and then Warrington were awarded a penalty from which Brett hit the post.  The match ended 20-4.
Match Summary
A great team performance by Warrington, they played some attractive Water Polo and defended as well as unit. There was some It was a great to get some of the less experienced players match time.  They did very well holding their own when quite a few of them were in at together in the 4th Quarter.
Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (2), Brett Takemoto, Katie Bowater, Emma Horne, Riley Cole, Ben Dailey (9), Emily Ireland, Molly Boniface-Ashton (5), Alfie Shelley, Dan Farini (3), Dominic Richard (1),
Tom Costello
Great to see Emily Bowater and Matthew Williams learning from Nigel, Fiona and Larry on the table.