16&U Friendly. Southport 1 - 22 Warrington

Warrington V Southport away match at the Dunes in Southport

On Monday 30th March Warrington Team Parents battled fierce weather in a one hour journey to get the 16&U team to the Dunes Watersplash in Southport in time to play a friendly match. We had a team of nine players of varying age’s,  2 * 99’s, 1 * 2000, 5 * 2001’s and a 2002. So most players were from the 14&U team. Southport turned up with a team of 11 players also of varying ages.

After a small warm-up the game got under way, the team showed quick thinking and great passing to get the ball to the pit within 25 seconds where Molly Boniface-Ashton popped in her first goal, followed shortly by 3 goals from Ben Dailey, 1 from Emily Bowater and 1 from Adam Farini and another from Molly. The first quarter was a delight to watch with some excellent team play, forming the arc and doing all the right things. The first quarter ended Warrington 8 – Southport 0.

The second quarter continued with great team work and Dom Richard started by putting one in the back of the net, Ben followed with another and Molly scored 2 goals in the second quarter and the score at the end of the second quarter was Warrington 12 – Southport 0. 

Third quarter became a bit heated, there was a lot of close marking and a bit of shoving between Stanley Mainwaring and Orange hat 5, which was one of the upper 16’s on the Southport team. Molly Boniface-Ashton scored 2, Katie Bowater scored 1. The friction between Stanley and the Orange Hat 5 came to head in the shallow end where nothing could be hidden by the glare of the water which led to both lads being “wrapped up” for the match. Southport Orange hat 2 scored the first and only goal for Southport and the third quarter ended Warrington 15 – Southport 1.

In the last quarter Emily Bowater scored 2, Dom Richard scored 1, Dan Farini scored 1 and Molly Boniface-Ashton scored 2 more bringing her total to 7 goals, Ben Dailey and Dom Richard both with 4 goals each in total, Emily Bowater with 3 goals and Dan Farini with 2 goals and Katie Bowater scoring total of 1 and Adam Farini with one goal . The end result was a great match with the team playing well together.  The final score  Warrington 22 – Southport 1. The team played technically and took advantage of Southports weakness’s. Luke Atkinson made some brilliant saves including blocking power shots from the big guy (Orange hat 5). Teams shook hands and all was forgiven, until next time…

Well Done 16&U’s on your second friendly of the season.

Team: L Atkinson, D Richard (4), K Bowater (1), M Bonifsce-Ashton (7), S Mainwaring, A Farini (1), D Farini (2), E Bowater (3), B Dailey (4)