14&u M&D. Warrington 32 - 3 ORCA

Warrington vs ORCA 14 and Under Manchester and District League Match

1st Quarter

ORCA only had 7 players as they had some illness in their squad.

Warrington attacking the shallow end scored early with goals from Emma and Molly.  Luke then made a long pass to Ben who scored.  A good move with Conor passing to Dominic who set up Molly for a goal.  Katie did a great defensive block to save a good goal opportunity.  Ben scored and then ORCA were on the attack putting a shot just wide.  Ben set up Katie for a goal.  A good save from Luke, which resulted in an ORCA corner.  ORCA brought another good save from Luke from the corner. Emily did some good defensive work at the end of the quarter.  The quarter ended with the score 6-0.

2nd Quarter

Warrington started the quarter attacking strongly, Emma putting 2 shots over the bar, the second after Dan set her up.  Molly scored a goal.  Molly passed to Dan, who passed to Emma and this time she neatly despatched the ball into the goal.  ORCA where then on the attack, Luke made a good save from a deflected shot.  Dominic scored, Luke then passed long to Dan who scored.  ORCA scored their first goal.  Ben scored 2 goals, the second after Molly passed to Brett who had a good shot saved by the ORCA keeper, the ball fell to Ben who put it in. Dominic set Ben up for another goal and then it was Molly’s turn to set up Ben.  Dominic scored and then Ben scored after Conor passed to Molly who passed on to Ben.  Luke then did a long pass to Molly who scored.  The quarter end score was 17-1.

Quarter 3

Su rested Ben, Conor Molly and Dominic for this quarter to give the 13 and under players a chance to play together supported by Dan and Emma.  ORCA started the quarter strongly with Luke making a good save from a deflected shot.  Emma scored a goal.  Brett did some great defensive work.  Emma scored her second goal of the quarter with a good turn and shot.  Brett scored a great goal after a quick break.  Dan passed to Alfie who brought a great save out of the ORCA keeper.  Emma then hit the top corner of the bar with a shot from out wide.  ORCA have a period of good attacking play which resulted in some good play to score.  ORCA were again on the attack and some good defending from Emma and Katie broke down a good move from ORCA. The quarter ended 21-2.

Quarter 4

Conor took a rest from his defensive responsibilities and he scored with Luke passing to Dan who set up Conor.  ORCA were then on the attack and the brought a great reaction save from Luke, he somehow managed to get his wrist to a ball that looked like a certain goal.  ORCA then put the ball just wide with a good backhand shot.  Emily reluctantly scored, she had an opportunity to shoot but decided to pass to Dan, who passed back to Emily who neatly finished.  Molly passed to Dominic to score and then Luke was provider for another Dominic goal.  ORCA then scored with a neat backhand shot.  Ben provided the pass to Molly to score.  Conor passed to Ben who did a great lob shot to score.  Luke passed to Ben who set up Molly to score.  Luke pushed a good ORCA shot on to the bar.  Ben scored 2 goals, he then passed to Molly who brought a good save out of the ORCA keeper.  Conor passed to Dominic to score.  Dominic then rose out of the water to intercept a pass and swam in to score the last goal of the game.  The final score was 32-3.

Thanks to ORCA for playing the game with a depleted team, it was hard playing with only 7 players.

A strong performance from Warrington, the younger players are integrating very well in to the team and future looks bright for next years 14 and under team.


Su Bowater


Luke Atkinson, Conor Lynch (1), Dominic Richard (6), Emma Horne (4), Ben Dailey (10), Katie Bowater (1),  Emily Ireland (1), Molly Boniface-Ashton (6), Alfie Shelley, Dan Farini (1), Brett Takemoto (2)