Royton 7 Warrington 9 (12&u M&D League)

Following the earlier knockout match the teams took a fifteen minute rest before commencing the second game of 2 x half’s of 10 minutes. Warrington’s team of seven started well with a goal from Bret Takemoto in fact Bret went on to get his hat trick in the first half as Royton couldnt think of a way of stopping him. Royton were still favorites as they scored five goals. The second half started well as Katie Bowater lead the way with a goal followed with a fourth from Bret and one from Marcus Wood made the score half way through the second half 6-6. Warrington showed great determination and stamina as Kate Bowater scored two goals and Bret Takemoto one with Royton scoring only one in reply. This was a great win for Warrington and the whole team deserve credit for a fantastic performance. 

My thanks to GB international James Williams for coaching the team that day.

Warrington Team included Zack Williams, Katie Bowater (5), Bret Takemoto (9), Marcus Wood (2), Emily Ireland (1), Eleanor Brear. Total goals for both matches in ()