Warrington 9 Bridgefield Yellows 8 (Snr)

Warrington seniors took on Bridgefield Yellows in the second phase of the Liverpool and District League. In what turned out to be a bad tempered match Warrington started well with goals from James Williams but Bridgefield scored and then scored a second goal as Tom Hadley was excluded and Bridgefield converted the ‘man up’. Bridgefield scored a third goal as the game started to slip away from Warrington. Then Warrington were given a penalty and Tom Hadley converted to make the score 2-3. Exclusion fouls were given against Chris Byrne and a Bridgefield player before the quarter ended Bridgefield scored a fourth goal. Warrington significantly had conceded five exclusion fouls to Bridgefield’s three.

In the second quarter another exclusion foul was awarded against Bridgefield and Peter Burke scored on the ma up. James Williams added another goal as Warrington took advantage of attacking the deep end. With the score back to 4-4 Warrington looked to be in the driver’s seat. Another exclusion foul against Tom Hadley but some great defending kept the scores even with a second on the clock Neil Musgrove in goal launched a shot from his own 2 metre line and scored probably the goal of the season. The whistle went to end the quarter as the ball was still in the air and Warrington lead 5-4.

In the third quarter Warrington defended the deep and started the quarter well with a goal from Andrew Burke. Another goal was added quickly by Tom Hadley the score quickly moved to 7-4. Warrington were then awarded two exclusions fouls and managed to score on the second exclusion foul with an excellent goal from sixteen year old Tom Costello. Further exclusion fouls were picked up by Dave Price and Bridgefield pulled one goal back. The quarter ended 8-5 as tempers started to flare.

In the final quarter Warrington looked favourites to win attacking the deep end. A Bridgefield player was excluded and sixteen year old Tim Mainwaring scored to make the score 9-5. Bridgefield came back strongly and pulled a goal back. Then Chris Byrne who had frustrated the Bridgefield attack was excluded following some x rated play. Bridgefield did not convert the man up. Chris Byrne re entered the water but within seconds was excluded again and wrapped up for the game. Bridgefield converted the man up to bring the score to 9-7. Neil Musgrove gave in impromptu team talk to calm the team down. Warrington tried to close the game down as the final minutes ticked away. Dave Price added further drama as he picked up his third exclusion foul and joined Chris Byrne for an early shower. Bridgefield converted the man up but with only 7 seconds left the game was over. The final score was 9-8 with 10 exclusions against Warrington and eight against Bridgefield. If the game had been televised it would need to be screened after 9pm!

Players included Neil Musgrove GK (1), Andrew Burke (1), James Williams (2), Tom Hadley (2), Tom Costello (1), Tim Mainwaring (1), Dave Price, Chris Byrne, and Peter Burke (1).