Warrington 9 Royton 3 (12&u)

On Saturday 14th September Warrington took on Royton in the semi final of the Bolton & District Knockout competition. The new competition with some modified rules including a shortened pitch and six aside instead of seven players gives the 12 and under’s a real taste of a game scenario played over two 10 minute half’s. In the first half Warrington attacked the shallow which is difficult with intermediate goals and Royton’s tall goal keeper seem to fill the goals. Warrington were first off the mark with a goal from Molly Ashton within 20 seconds. Royton struck back quickly as some confusion in the Warrington defence Royton scored two goals. Ben Dailey equalised with three minutes to go but Warrington again let the Royton No3 loose who helped himself to his third goal.

At half time it was a case of keep calm close down No3 which Ben Dailey did admirably and sacrificed his normal centre forward position. It didn’t stop Ben Dailey from scoring his second goal after 20 seconds to bring the score to 3-3. That was the start of a Warrington goal feast with four goals in three minutes one from Connor Lynch and two from Dom Richards. It was going from bad to worse for Royton as they picked up an exclusion foul, Warrington did not convert the power play but not to worry they continued to attack relentlessly with Luke Atkinson often involved in clearing up in goal and passing quickly a long and accurate pass directly onto the hand of the Warrington attacker. This route one tactic paid dividends with two further goals for Connor Lynch and another for Dom Richards to make it a hat trick each for the two boys. Katie Bowater and Daniel Farini also played with great flare and determination as did the whole team to deny a single goal to Royton in the second half. The game finished 9-3 to Warrington.

In summary a great team performance and Warrington now look forwards to playing in the final at Broughton Pool on 4th October.

Warrington’s Team  included:- Luke Atkinson, Molly Ashton (1), Connor Lynch (3), Dominic Richards (3), Ben Dailey (2), Katie Bowater, Daniel Farini and Emma Horne