Port Sunlight 4 Warrington 8

Warrington seniors took on Port Sunlight at Bebington Oval in the Liverpool & District League match, but had a difficult start after missing a penaly early on and then conceeding a goal. Tom Hadley quickly equalised after being awarded a second penalty, but again some loose defending saw Warrington 2 - 1 down at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter Port Sunlight counter attacked on a fast break and scored. Warrington took the sting out of the fast breaking Port Sunlight team by keeping the ball as we defended the deep. Again Tom Hadley scored but Warrington continued to restrict the opposition. The 2nd quarter ended 3 - 2, if we were going to win the game we needed more movement off the arc around goal.

The third quarter started well with Ian Musgrove sliding the ball under the keepers arm from the right wing. Tom Hadley with some quick movement shot from close range putting Warrington a goal up and starting to control the game. Josh Regan 17 years in his first season at senior level scored an excellent goal. Tom Hadley finished off the quarter with his fourth goal of the match Warrington winning the quarter 0 - 4 and 3 - 6 overall. In the  final quarter Warrington attacked the shallow end with Josh Regan leading the way with his second goal of the match 3 - 7. Dave Price was then excluded which was unfortunate after a great defensive display. Warrington defended the power play and kept possession as Port Sunlight did not employ the shot clock. Tom Hadley scored his 5th goal of the game. Port Sunlight nipped one back at the end from a narrow angle and the game ended 4 - 8. It was a great team performance with eight players one of whom James Williams played throughout with a strained shoulder.


The team included Neil Musgrove, Tom Hadley (5), Peter Burke, Ian Musgrove(1), James Williams, Josh Regan (2), Dave Price, and Lee Chadwick.