Stretford 16 Warrington 8 (M&D 14 & under)

A visit to Stretford the same day the Rugby World Cup final was played across the road at Old Trafford made it a difficult trip particularly for the referee who was late to arrive. Warrington again supplemented by 12 & under players due to too few 14 year olds being available started well with a goal from Luke Boardman. Warrington then moved in to the lead via a Stanley Mainwaring goal. Stretford hit back with two goal’s Emily Bowater was excluded and Streford scored a third goal at the end of the quarter. Not a bad start at 3-2 to Stretford.

In the second quarter Stretford started to dominate with six consecutive goals before Warrington scored a single goal in reply via Adam Farini. The quarter ended 8-3 to Stretford. In the third quarter Warrington were much improved although Stretford started well with another three goals but the excellent Molly Boniface-Ashton scored and then with 44 seconds left to play Stretford had a player excluded and Molly Boniface- Ashton again scored within  9 seconds of the exclusion. The quarter finished 9-5.

The fourth quarter started well for Warrington with a second goal from Luke Boardman. Stretford score but then received their sixth exclusion foul. Warrington did not convert the power play and Stretford went on the score four more goals before they had another player excluded. This time Molly Boniface-Ashton converted the chance the game finished 16-8. Although I wasn’t present at the game Streford’s No 2 scored nine goals and Warrington struggled to contain this excellent player. Stretford gave away seven exclusion fouls to Warrington’s one. Molly Boniface-Ashton excelled with four goals her hard work and dedication starting to pay dividends as with many of the 12 and under’s looking good for 2014.

Warrington’s players: - included Luke Atkinson, Adam Farini (1), Luke Boardman (2), Max Harrison, Ben Dailey, Emily Bowater, Matt Williams, Stanley Mainwaring (1), Molly Boniface-Ashton (4), Connor Lynch.