Royton 26 Warrington 5 (M&D 14 & under)

Whilst I was away on holiday when Warrington’s under 14 team visited Royton to take on an excellent Royton team in the Manchester and District League. Royton made up or players who train at Manchester RTC and contain some of the best 14 year olds in the country. They beat us 34-3 when we played them at home in May. Our team consisted of five 12 & under players plus five players who are 14 & under. Only Stanley Mainwaring is 14 this year and therefore top of the age group.

The referee did not attend so a Royton coach refereed the match not ideal! Royton started strongly with three goals but 12 year old boy’s player of the year Ben Dailey scored for Warrington. The quarter ended 3-1.

In the second quarter Stanley Mainwaring got Warrington off to an excellent start with a goal to make it 3-2. The score stayed at 3-2 until three minutes from the end when Royton score three quick goals. Two players were then excluded Luke Boardman and a Royton player both excluded for 20 seconds. Stanley Mainwaring then scored his second goal of the game to make it 6-3. In the final seconds Royton’s best player Ben Riding scored his second goal.


The third quarter turned into a Royton goal fest as Royton attacked the deep end with thirteen goals scored and Warrington replying with one goal from Stan Mainwaring. Royton’s had upped their game to another level and the quarter ended 20-4.


In the fourth quarter Royton continued to score and 12 year old girl’s player of the year Molly Boniface-Ashton scored a goal for Warrington. The game ended 26-5. My thanks to the players for their efforts particularly the 12 and under players who will have gained great experience from this game. In 2014 I expect our 14 & under team to be one of the stronger teams in the league. My thanks also to Nigel Dailey and Dr Alan Boyle for standing in as coach in my absence.

Warrington’s players: - included Luke Atkinson, Luke Boardman, Dom Richards, Max Harrison, Ben Dailey (1), Emily Bowater, Matt Williams, Stanley Mainwaring (3), Molly Boniface-Ashton (1), Connor Lynch.