Royton 2 Warrington 13 (12&u)

Our 12 & under team continued their successful season as they visited Royton in the Bolton & District League. A small pool reduced in size by 25% and tiny goals made it difficult to score but that didn’t stop an ever improving Warrington side. Inform Dom Richards scored two quick goals at the start of the first half as Warrington attacked the shallow end. Molly Ashton who was losing her marker on just about every attack scored to make it 0-3 with less than two minutes gone. Royton’s No3 a real threat up front broke free to make it 1-3. Warrington were not phased and continued to score at will against a young Royton side. Daniel Farini scored a well taken goal as he improves leaps and bounds every game. Dom Richards then scored his third goal and Molly Ashton her second goal as the score board showed 1-6. Jake Williams who had just entered the fray nearly broke the net with a powerful shot to make it 1-7.  An excellent display not least by our defensive play as Ben Daily largely cancelled out any Royton attack and Luke Atkinson who blocked shots and mopped up any loose balls before often releasing a long pass with pin point accuracy.

The teams changed ends and Warrington looked forwards to attacking the deep end. Team talk was easy, more of the same please! Ben Daily joined the attack as he scored our first goal in the second half. Jake Williams again broke free and his powerful shot gave the keeper no chance.  Molly Ashton who was later praised by the referee for her excellent play scored her third goal soon after. Royton were then awarded a goal which appeared to most people to have hit the post and rebounded back into play. At 2-10 we didn’t contest too much and Royton later appeared to score a goal but it was not give. Often these incidents tend to even themselves out.  Dom Richards again scored another two goals to take his tally to five. Royton were restricted to one goal again and of note in defence Katie Bowater repeatedly intercepted Royton players and quickly turned defence into attack and will have another year in this age group in 2014. The final score 2-13 which truly reflected the game.

An excellent performance by our team which included:- Luke Atkinson (GK), Dom Richards (5), Katie Bowater, Daniel Farini (1), Ben Daily (1), Molly Ashton (4), Jake Williams (2).