B&D agree new rules for 12 & under

12 & under water polo.

Players shall be 12 years & under on the last day of the year of competition. All team members must be a member of the ASA.There shall be 10 players per team. There will be 6 players per team in the water at any one time, one of which shall be a goalkeeperwearing a distinctive cap [red]. The pitch and goals will be of reduced size and the home team will use the same size pitch and goals for all their home fixture. The ball used shall be size 3.There will be two halves of 10mins actual playing time [or less if agreed by both teams]. Each team will have 2 time outs.The rules of senior Water Polo shall apply AND WILL BE STRICTLYADHERED TO by the referee, teams and Officials.Home referees may be used but a neutral referee is recommended.