Orford Park Sports Centre

Today I visited the new Orford Park Sports Centre, soon to be named Live Wire with facilities that can only be described as state of the art. The 25m pool (8 lanes) is a bright and open area with a high roof. The teaching pool 15m x 9m has a moveable floor which goes from 0 to 1.8m. We/I had hoped to have mini polo there on a Tuesday but we have not had the go ahead yet, I can see some obstacles but lets wait and see. The main pool would make a fantastic arena for water polo with seating (which is actually comfortable) for 250. Unfortunately there are no plans to allow water polo at the venue. Our tour guide, a duty manager did mention the excellent bar and how it would be handy for the water polo players, but I dont think they will get much business from the 12 & under team. So that’s an ambition to bring water polo to Live Wire. I believe membership is £26/month and seems really good value. I don’t think Total Fitness will be very pleased.