Success in Merseyside Swimming League

Merseyside and District Junior Swimming League 2015-16

Warrington Win Merseyside Division 3 Swimming League

Warrington Swimming and Water Polo Club had a brilliant start to the competition, winning the home leg and then increasing on the second. In the third, we had a number of our best swimmers unable to compete for one reason or another which left it to the last gala to determine the eventual league winners.

The final gala was very exciting with a number of close races, with four where there was less than an arm length in it. We were hampered by only having one open age swimmer. The 14/15’s were asked to step up and they did, winning one of their races against some serious competition. Bootle & North Liverpool pulled out all the stops, but it was not good enough with Warrington winning by the narrow margin of 600 points to 592 points. There was good team spirit all round and the closeness of the end result meant that every swimmer counted. Congratulations to all that took part.



                                        Gala 1   Gala 2   Gala 3   Gala 4   TOTAL

Warrington                          179        160       115      146        600

Runcorn                              110        124       106        86        426

Bridgefield                           104        124       143       131       508

Bootle & Nth L’pool               145        129       151       167       592