Information Parents May find useful

Here  is a message and link from Lisa that all parents may find useful

“Cardiac risk in the young (CRY) organisation run screening programmes for people age 14-35 to check for any underlying cardiac problems that left undiagnosed could result in problems even the fatal heart attack that is being reported more often these days. 

CRY and some sporting governing bodies recommend that if your child regularly competes in sports to get them screened. 

They currently have a timetable of events around the country to book a appointment for screening- which takes about 20 mins. 
The majority of these sessions are free- being sponsored through fundraising efforts. 
If you booked it privately, the cost can be hundreds of pounds. 

I have booked Emma onto one down in Newcastle under Lyme in October.

Here is the website address for people to go on.

Not saying it is compulsory but want to give parents the information to make their own decisions. 

Hope that is ok that I sent it to you. 


Lisa x