Monthly news letter from Mr S Woodward


I have been in the role for just over a month now , and I have seen a good outlook by the swimmers regarding the training program and its implementation. The main focus by the coaching staff is to work on turns, finishes and stroke development, and as part of this the swimmers need to buy into this , all swimmers should have a set of short fins which are available at the Decathlon store or the following web site or as this is a vital part of swim training and all swimmers with long hair must wear a swimming cap.

Over the next couple of weeks’ times will be done at club sessions by the teachers/coaches to capture 100/200 times in all strokes and these will be displayed on the web site as part of being a competitive swimming club, the next time trials which will be (100) IND MED on the 17th Sept 2013 , failure to attend these time trails could result in the swimmer moving down lanes or staying in the same lane until they do this time trail as this is a vital part of measuring the swimmers improvements.

Also could swimmers please make themselves available for selection for galas as this is also a vital part of being involved in a competitive swimming club and you should be proud to represent your club.


Feel free to talk to me any time after club sessions




Shaun Woodward (MIOS/FIOS)