Water Polo

National Rescue Award for Teachers and Coaches 23rd/24th March

A number of swimmers and parents have recently successfully completed the course , which will help with lifeguarding club sessions.

This qualification, is an essential prerequisite to run any of our club sessions, and so we are always looking for any volunteers over 16yrs old who may wish to help.

Livewire are planning a further course, and hope that those that could not make the recent course, and would be happy to help or need more details should contact Maureen Appleby or Neil Musgrove. The course is planned to run on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March.


Water Polo  

Saturday's Session's  will close from Saturday  15th December 2018 and return on Saturday 5th January 2019 

Monday Session will close from Monday  17th December 2018 and re open Monday 7th January 2019

Seniors last session is Thursday  13th December and return on Thursday 10th January 

Swimming Sessions  

All Swimming sessions  will close on Thursday  20th December and all session are cancelled until Friday  4th January and will return to normal as from that date . 

On behalf of the club can we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy  2019