Officers and Committee Members

Chair Mr N. Musgrove

Vice Chair Mrs M. Appleby

Secretary Mrs M. Appleby

Treasurer Mrs S. Morris

Chief Swimming Coach

Chief Water Polo Coach Mr N. Musgrove

Media and Publicity Mr C. Stowell

General Committee Elected Members

Website & Email Mr I. Musgrove

Water Polo Secretary Mr I. Musgrove

Elected Member Mrs A. White

Elected Member Mr C. Stowell

Elected Member Mrs C Whiteley

Elected Member Mrs C. Taylor

Co-Opted Member Dr. Alan Boyle MBE

Committee Appointments

Membership Secretary Mrs A.White

Welfare Officer Mrs N. Ireland

SwimMark Co-ordinator Mr N. Musgrove

Workforce Co-ordinator Mrs Joanne Bowden

Water Polo Events Mr C Stowell