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Officers and Committee Members

Chair Mr N. Musgrove chair@warringtonsc.co.uk 
Vice Chair Dr A. Boyle vicechair@warringtonsc.co.uk
Secretary Mrs M. Appleby secretary@warringtonsc.co.uk
Treasurer Mrs S. Morris treasurer@warringtonsc.co.uk
Chief Swimming Coach Mr I. Wilson swimmingcoach@warringtonsc.co.uk
Chief Water Polo Coach Mr N. Musgrove 


or Ring 01925 967172

Media and Publicity Mr C. Stowell media@warringtonsc.co.uk

General Committee Elected Members


Website & Email Mr I. Musgrove  website@warringtonsc.co.uk
Water Polo Secretary     Mr I. Musgrove   polosecretary@warringtonsc.co.uk
Elected Member Mrs A. White     
Elected Member  
Mr C. Stowell    
Elected Member Mrs C Whiteley

Committee Appointments

Membership Secretary Mrs A.White  membership@warringtonsc.co.uk
Welfare Officer Mrs N. Ireland  welfareofficer@warringtonsc.co.uk
SwimMark Co-ordinator Mr N. Musgrove  swim21@warringtonsc.co.uk
Workforce Co-ordinator Mrs Joanne Bowden


Water Polo Events Mr C Stowell       events@warringtonsc.co.uk